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Say Goodbye To Pesky Bats Around Your Sioux Falls Home

Five small dark bats huddled together from a wooden beam.

When are bats a problem? We would argue that these pests are most problematic when they invade homes. If you live here in Sioux Falls, there is a decent likelihood that you will experience trouble with these invasive creatures. We would like to help you avoid this.

Here are some things to think about concerning bats and how to effectively keep them out of your interior spaces. Call CP Bat Mitigation to find out how we humanely deal with these pest invaders. We will share some of our advanced strategies for bat exclusion and mitigation in Sioux Falls.

About The Bats That Can Be Found In Sioux Falls

How much do you know about bats in Sioux Falls? Did you know that some local species are considered endangered? This is why there are certain laws in place specifically to prevent the killing of these creatures. Interestingly enough, the little brown bat, one of the most common home-invading species, is an endangered species. Their close cousin, the big brown bat, is another common invader. Both of these types of bats have furry bodies and leathery wings. They are also a fair amount cuter than some other, much more terrifying species.

If you suspect your home has an active infestation but are uncertain, bring in our team for a quick inspection. We will look around for signs of bats and determine what species are present inside your home or outbuildings. 

Bats Can Create Property Damage And Spread Disease

Bats are odd little creatures. On one hand, they are extremely helpful with the way they consume bugs. Having a family of bats living on your property will help greatly in reducing your chances of finding pests indoors.

Problems arise when these leathery flyers decide to come indoors. Bat droppings lead to disease. One of the most common diseases is histoplasmosis. These pests are also known for spreading rabies. They do this by biting people and animals. To make things worse, bat droppings are also highly corrosive. The more these pests defecate in your attic, the more damage that will be done to interior structures. Here are some methods to consider that will help you keep these pests from causing these problems indoors.

Natural And Effective Bat Mitigation Tips

It is unhealthy to live with bats inside your Sioux Falls home. Before we talk about your options for professional bat control in Sioux Falls, we want you to know some DIY methods to keep these pests at bay. Here are some great places to start. 

  • Address potential entry points in your home’s exterior, especially damage to your roofline.

  • Make sure your chimney has protection with a bat-proof cap.

  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.

  • Seal electrical and plumbing holes. 

For more detailed protection from potential bat infestations, bring in our team at CP Bat Mitigation for effective exclusion work.

The Benefits Of Experienced Professional Bat Control

It has never been easier to invest in humane bat removal in Sioux Falls. Our team would be more than happy to help you find a quick and effective solution to relocate these pests out of your home. It only takes one visit. We will address potential entry points and install a one-way gate that will allow bats to fly out of your home but not get back indoors. It really is that simple.

Reach out to CP Bat Mitigation now to talk with our team about our residential and commercial bat control services in Sioux Falls. We will answer your questions and find a service time that works best for you.

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