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Reliable Bat Control Solutions In Gillette, WY

Gillette, Wyoming is a wonderful place to call home. Between the snowy white winters and the beautiful spring flowers, there is always something amazing to see. Whether you enjoy a walk on a warm afternoon or playing in the snow, you are sure to find something to do.

The average temperature never gets above 90 degrees, even in July and August. Even the coldest months of December, January, and February average in the mid to high 30s. While Gillette definitely gets its share of snow and freezing temperatures, it is comfortable here a good portion of the year.

Just like in most parts of the world, people living in Gillette, Wyoming share their neck of the woods with bats. While they might seem scary, bats are essential to our agricultural system and the ecosystem in general. Bats eat insects, allowing farmers to use fewer pesticides on their crops.

Bats like a warm and safe place to roost during the day. Often, this safe place is your attic. If you have seen bats, give CP Bat Mitigation a call for residential bat control today. We specialize in humanely removing bats from residences and returning them to nature where they find a new roost away from your home.

Living in Gillette, you almost certainly have seen bats. If you are a little unlucky, you may have seen them in your home. If you have seen bats in your attic, or anywhere on your property, the most important thing is not to panic.

Bats may seem frightening, but they very rarely pose a risk to humans. Most likely, they are more scared of you than you are of them. However, removing bats from your home is easier said than done.

While you can rest assured that bats are not out to hurt you, you still don’t want them in your home. For starters, their droppings do not smell good. Furthermore, the combined weight of the guano plus the weight of the roosting bats could pose a structural risk to your home if left unattended.

Many species of bats have legal protection. This means you can’t endanger them without finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. Attempting to remove a colony of bats on your own is dangerous for the bats and yourself. Always call a professional if you have bats in your home.

Bat diets vary depending on the species. The primary source of food for most of them, however, is either fruit or insects. A few species are considered vampire bats and will drink small amounts of blood, mainly from livestock. Some other bats will eat meat such as fish, frogs, or rodents.

The majority of bats will eat a significant amount of insects every day. Bats leave their roost at dusk to find food. Some bat species stay out all night while others return earlier. They might go again for a period around dawn.

Bats are hugely beneficial to our society. Because so much of their diet is insects, they aid farmers in controlling the insect population, meaning less use of pesticides. Bats also pollinate many plants.

Many bat species that hunt insects will catch them in flight, rather than on the ground or off a tree. While bats are not blind, many use echolocation to fly and find food. They are incredible navigators and are experts at flying and hunting.

Bats are fascinating animals. If people learned more about bats, they might not be so frightened. For example, bats don’t flap their wings to fly. Instead, they use propulsion. Imagine doing the breaststroke through the air; that is how bats fly.

Do You Have Bats In Your Gillette Home?

If you have bats in your home, you do not need to be afraid. Bats have an undeserved scary reputation, but they seldom hurt humans. Bats can contract rabies, just like any mammal. But, bats do not carry the disease as many people assume.

If you see bats, you should take precautions. Never touch them or try to remove them yourself. Always call a professional like CP Bat Mitigation to remove them from your property.

Bats are similar to most mammals in that one of the most important things to them is finding a safe, warm, and dry area to call home. Bats are looking for a place they can leave their young when they go out to find food. An attic or the rafters of a barn, among many other places, often seem like the perfect place to claim.

One of the best ways to know if you have bats is identifying their droppings. You might also hear squeaking or scratching sounds coming from your attic. If you look at the right times, you might even see some bats up close.

Professional Bat Control In Gillette

The experts at CP Bat Mitigation have years of experience removing bats from homes throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. Providing the best customer service possible is essential to us.

If you hire us to remove bats from your home, we take extreme care so that the bats, as well as your home, are not harmed at any step. We will also make sure bats can’t get back to their old roost in your attic.

Call CP Bat Mitigation for a free quote today. Let us rid your attic of bats safely, legally, and humanely. We actually like them quite a lot. We’ll do it right.

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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Bats? (Gillette Exterminators)

Bats are creatures that enter Gillette properties and make their homes in places like attics and storage spaces where they can’t be disturbed. This makes detecting bats challenging and getting rid of them even harder. That’s why the best way to give bats the boot is with professional help.

At CP Bat Mitigation, we are the area’s trusted bat experts. Our founder has more than 32 years of experience working with bats and this expertise informs all of the work that we continue to do. In addition to our extensive background, we use the highest quality tools and products that are not accessible to the average individual.

Our process begins with a detailed property inspection so that we can determine a few things. We need to understand how bats are getting inside a property and the extent of their presence. From there, we customize the specifications of our service to the customer’s needs. While our process does contain proprietary information, part of the work that we perform includes sealing off existing entry points and utilizing one to house a one-way device. This combination will ensure that all bats leave the property and cannot come back. We also guarantee our work for up to eight weeks, so you can rest assured that we really can get rid of bats. For more information on our residential and commercial bat mitigation services in Gillette, please call us today.

Facts You Should Know About Bats In Gillette

Bats appear around Gillette properties routinely, but what do you actually know about them? Here are a few facts that you should know:

  • Bats are protected. These furry creatures are widely protected by law across the country. In the state of Wyoming, it is illegal to intentionally harm or disturb them. 
  • Local bats don’t have many predators. There are few wildlife creatures that feast on bats, so the most common reason for their demise is actually illness such as white-nose syndrome. 
  • They have a specific diet. While what bats eat may vary from species to species, there are many different things that they enjoy. Local bats are particularly fond of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Sometimes they also feed off of pollen from flowers, fruits, and plants. 
  • Their feces can be harmful. Bats produce guano, which is another name for their fecal matter. This output often contains fungus, and when people inhale these spores, they may develop histoplasmosis, which is a respiratory infection. Guano can also accumulate in large quantities, which can cause ceilings to cave inwards. 
  • Bats are some of the most helpful pollinators. In addition to bees, bats are some of nature’s most effective pollinators. There are over 300 different species of fruits, vegetables, and plants that depend on bats.

Sometimes these bats can become unwelcome visitors in your home or place of business, and when that happens, look no further than CP Bat Mitigation. With more than 30 years of local bat experience, we are the trusted name in bat mitigation. Our services are ethical and designed to create lasting relief from bats. We even guarantee them for up to two months! For more information on dealing with the bats around your property, please call us today.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At CP Bat Mitigation, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

    “Thank you for being so awesome!!!”
    “This is an outstanding company and I would recommend them to anyone that is dealing with a bat issue.”
    - Jonathan D.
    “I would recommend to anyone.”
    “Jon was one of the upmost respectful and professional individuals I have encountered in a long time. He was honest and provided great feedback on bats. He saved us money with tips I could do myself.”
    - Jack L.
    “Couldn’t Be Happier”
    “CP Bat Mitigation was great to work with. They were easy to communicate with and willing to work with my schedule. They were prompt and thorough with their assessment and took the time to answer all my questions. Nick with CP Bat Mitigation was great to wo”
    - Patrick F.
    “The best at what they do”
    “Very responsive, polite, professional, and thorough. Great communication, professional work, and guaranteed to the life of my roof. Affordable rates for a critical service.”
    - Glen P.
    “5 Stars”
    “We were very impressed with our consultation. Nick explained everything very well and answered all of our questions. We look forward to the warmer days when the bats can be kept out of our home.”
    - Shannon B.
    “Very Pleased”
    “I really enjoyed having Nick ease my mind about having bats. He explained everything to me and showed me the spots where bats enter. He also explained how they would seal up the entry holes and allow them to leave but not re-enter.”
    - Bonnie G.
    “Professional & Knowledgeable”
    “CP Bat Mitigation not only are bat experts but are very knowledgeable about roofs. They did an inspection of my home and explained how a bat or two could have gotten in through an old gutter system. These guys are amazing, and true to their word the inspec”
    - April G.
    “Thank you, Nick”
    “I had Nick Hossle for my appointment, and I was very pleased with his professionalism and service. He was prompt, he explained the process before going into my attic and checking for bats.”
    - Craig L.

Help! Brown Bats Are Taking Over My Gillette Property!

As a property owner in Gillette, dealing with bats is a very real possibility. These creatures can sneak into small cracks around windows and rooflines and make themselves at home around your property. Once they’ve moved in, bats are linked with property damage as well as health risks, in part due to their fecal matter. Rather than let an infestation grow or try to address it yourself, consider professional help from CP Bat Mitigation. We are a family-owned business that is dedicated to helping homeowners find relief from bats. Our process is backed by more than 30 years of experience, we follow the most ethical practices in place, and we will go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction.

We always start by inspecting your property to understand exactly what’s happening. This information is vital to understanding why bats are attracted to your property and how they’re accessing it. Once we’ve made these determinations, we will seal off all but one entry point that we find with exclusion. We then use the final entry point to install a one-way device that encourages bats to leave your home. It’s important to note that we do not create any new entry points, we only address the ones that already exist.

Our background in construction gives us a unique perspective on the work that we provide as well. You can rest assured that bats will cease to be a problem because we guarantee these services for up to eight weeks. If any new bats appear before this time, we’ll re-service your home at no additional cost. And to further support your needs, we always offer stellar customer service at every turn. For more information on our bat mitigation services, please call us today.

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