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Bats In Urban Areas: Challenges And Solutions For Control For Omaha Homes

Small brown bat crawling down a wooden wall.

It is hard to spend any amount of time outdoors without seeing at least a handful of birds. This is for a good reason. First, there are a lot of birds. Second, they like to fly around in open view. These two things are also true for bats. The only difference is that bats come out at night. This makes them a bit harder to identify and keeps them off of most people’s minds.

We are here today to tell you that these pests are a bigger problem than you might think. Here are some things you should know about the bats in Omaha and some options to get and keep them out of your home. Contact our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you want to know how we humanely deal with these local pests. Let us offer some simple and effective options for bat control in Omaha to meet your needs.

Comparing Bat Species: A Handy Guide

Omaha, and Nebraska in general, has a fairly dense population of different species of bats. Thankfully, most common species don’t want to live inside your home. This is for a variety of reasons. The two types of bats that do want to invade are little brown bats and big brown bats. Big brown bats grow to be five inches long and have brown or glossy-copper fur and skin. Little brown bats are an inch smaller and have brown fur with a lighter-colored underside.

Both of these pests invade by crawling through gaps and cracks around homes. They also leave the same signs behind, including fecal droppings, odd noises, and the smell of urine. 

Bat Laws And Regulations: What Homeowners Need To Know

In many states, it is fully legal to eliminate bats. This is not true for Nebraska. There are many laws that protect local wildlife, including bats. If these pests are living inside your home, your only option is to deal with bats humanely. We have no problem with this.

Our experts see all of the benefits these little leathery creatures provide with the way they control local pest populations. We also know they do not belong inside your home. If you are looking for a reliable way to deal with bats in your attic, our team has your solution.

Sustainable Bat Prevention: Ensuring Long-Term Results

In order to keep bats out of your home, you need to have some form of bat mitigation in place. If you are handy and have some time to spare, here are some exclusion tips and tricks that might help you avoid these pests.

  • Make sure all of your window screens are working properly.

  • Repair damage to exterior windows and keep them shut when you are not using them.

  • Install a cap on your chimney.

  • Address damage to your home’s roof and rooflines.

  • Seal electrical and plumbing holes.

For additional help preventing or dealing with bats, talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation about our advanced services.

Bat Control Specialists: The Importance Of Expertise

We do not want you to live with bats. These pests are annoying and dangerous. To help you remove these pests from your home, let us implement exclusion and mitigation techniques.

We will address potential entry points and install a one-way gate. This will allow bats to leave your home but make it impossible for them to get back indoors. If any do stick around, we have other humane options to handle the ones left behind. Call CP Bat Mitigation to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha and to schedule an appointment.

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