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Get Rid Of Bats: Tips And Techniques For A Bat-Free Home In Omaha

Small brown bat resting on white insulation material beside a wooden wall.

How comfortable do you feel inside your home? How comfortable would you feel if you knew dozens of bats were sheltering right above your head? Most people do not like these leathery creatures and especially do not want them living inside their homes. The question is, what should you do if these pests are around?

Here are some things to consider about the bats in Omaha and some methods to deter an active problem with these invaders. Talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you want to know how we handle these local pests. Let us share with you some options for bat control in Omaha and schedule a service appointment for your home and property.

Bats In The Ecosystem: Their Importance

There are lots of creatures in Omaha that mostly cause problems and provide little benefit to humans or our planet's ecosystem. This is not the case with bats. In fact, bats are extremely beneficial in the way they consume other pests. Most local species eat flies, beetles, cockroaches, moths, and other bugs by the boatload. Having bats flying around your property at night will lower your chances of dealing with pest problems inside your home. The trick is allowing bats to live on your property without them taking over your home.

This is done with bat housing. Doing so is, of course, completely optional and does require effort to first make sure these pests stay out of your home. We will talk more about your options to keep out different types of bats in just a bit. 

The Health Risks Of Bats: Disease Concerns

As helpful as bats are, they are not a creature you want living inside your home. These leathery flyers have the ability to get you sick in more than one way.

To start, they are one of the most common vectors for rabies. This is because they can survive this virus while still being able to spread it through their bites. Many common species of bats also spread histoplasmosis with their fecal droppings. This is an uncomfortable sickness that comes with a fair amount of symptoms. To stay safe, here are some methods to keep bats out of your home.

Securing Your Home: Bat-Proofing Tips

Keeping bats out of a home is sometimes tricky. If you are looking for some DIY options to deter these pests, here are some exclusion tips and tricks to utilize today.

  • Fill in electrical and plumbing holes.

  • Address damage to your home’s roofline that bats might crawl through.

  • Make sure your chimney has a bat-proof cap.

  • Invest in screens for exterior windows.

  • Keep unscreened windows and doors shut.

If you think bats in Omaha are already inside your home or are looking for professional options to handle these pests, talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation. We have many amazing offerings to help you deal with or prevent an active bat infestation. 

When To Call The Experts: The Pros To Know For Effective Bat Control

Bats do not belong inside your home. If you think these pests are around, find out for certain by bringing in our team at CP Bat Mitigation.

We will find out what species you are dealing with and how they are getting indoors, as well as implement some exclusion and mitigation strategies to give them a quick boot. All of our methods are humane and extremely effective. Call our team at CP Bat Mitigation now to find out more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha and schedule your property for a service visit.

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