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How Omaha Homeowners Can Get Involved In Bat Conservation

Brown bat resting on a rock.

We're proud to be your trusted local experts when it comes to bat control in Omaha. This area is notorious for incidents involving bats on local properties, so you may have heard of us already or even called on us for help! No matter what your experience with bats has been, we can all get involved in that conservation to help our winged friends survive and thrive—in habitats that aren't our homes, of course.

Let's look at everything you need to know about bat conservation in our amazing community and what you can do to help.

Why Conservation Is So Important In Omaha

Bat mitigation is incredibly important in our area and around the globe. That's because more than 200 bat species in 60 countries are in danger in some way, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), meaning they're classified as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable.

Anything we can do as a society to help stabilize populations can prevent these bat species from going extinct. These unique creatures deserve protection in the best possible way. That's why so many laws are in place ensuring bat safety so that we don't lose any more of these valuable mammals. Doing our part for humane bat control makes a meaningful difference in the long run. Every bat saved is a bat that may be able to reproduce in the future!

Little Things That Can Help Preserve Bats

There are plenty of things that you can do to help preserve bats. Every little action makes a significant difference along the way! Do your part to help reach the overall goal of protecting bats by taking note of these actions and put them in practice.

  • Educate others about bats—especially children! By protecting the narrative about bats, we're protecting endangered species everywhere.

  • Recover and preserve habitats that aren't your home. Preserving river valleys and places where insects are abundant can give bats places to call home so they don't take over our properties.

  • Help to plan a bat-friendly space in an urban area. Replacing natural habitats with ones where bats are still welcome can help them feel at home and alleviate their desire to reside on your property.

  • Report bat sightings so that the appropriate authorities can take action to help them find an appropriate home.

  • Support the efforts of local conservation groups, or start one yourself. Time and resources are valuable and can help save one bat family at a time.

In addition to all of these actions, trusting CP Bat Mitigation with your residential bat mitigation service needs will help protect bats. Don't try to take on these uninvited guests on your own when they make their way into your property. Leave the work to our experts so no bats accidentally get hurt in the process.

Why A Bat Infestation Needs Humane Treatment

Bats simply aren't like other types of pests! Bat control must be gentle so that no bats get hurt. Conservation and protection is the overall goal—not elimination.

Humane treatment it's the only fitting response when bats invite themselves to your property. Putting an endangered species member in danger is not an option. 

CP Bat Gets Rid Of Bat Infestations Humanely

Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we offer humane bat exclusion services in the Omaha area. We have a unique method specially developed by our experts to get the job done safely every time.

We never damage your property during our bat mitigation process. We use preexisting entry points and place exclusion devices on one we leave available to the bats. Once they exit your property through the one access point, the exclusion device will keep them from getting back inside. That way, they'll naturally seek shelter elsewhere.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment with our team of local bat mitigation experts today!

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