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Dealing With Bat Roosts In The Attic Of Your Sioux Falls Home

Small brown bat hanging from a tree branch during the day.

Bats in South Dakota play a crucial role in maintaining our ecological balance because these voracious insectivores help control the population of numerous pests like mosquitoes, reducing the need for pesticides. Also, they are pollinators, making them invaluable contributors to the ecosystem. Still, bat exclusion may sometimes be necessary if they settle inside your home.

In this blog, we will discuss why bats are a common problem in South Dakota, explain how they get into attics and the problems they cause, and review what you can do about these uninvited guests, including prevention and professional treatments. If you have bats on your property, CP Bat Mitigation can help with humane bat mitigation in Sioux Falls.

Why Bats Are A Common Problem For South Dakota Residents

Bats can become a problem on your South Dakota property because they tend to roost in and around our homes.

Unfortunately, they can create noise and unpleasant odors as they seek shelter in attics and barns, and guano accumulation from their droppings could cause health hazards. Also, some bat species carry diseases like rabies, which can be deadly.

While bats are excellent for insect control, you don't want them inside your home. Still, getting them out without causing harm can be challenging and requires permits because they benefit from a protected status as migratory species and specialized knowledge of bat control strategies. Read on to discover how they get inside attics and other structures.

How Bats Get Into The Attic And Problems They Cause

Bats can access attics and spaces through small openings; these nocturnal creatures are adept at squeezing through spots as small as half an inch, making it easy for them to gain entry anywhere they feel they can find shelter and challenging to eliminate without professional bat control services near you.

Once inside, they may establish maternity colonies, especially during the spring and summer, where females gather to give birth and raise their young. But as much as we want to protect these flying mammals, the problems they can cause in attics are numerous.

You might lose sleep because of the persistent and disturbing noises they make at night, as they are active and communicate through high-pitched calls, and their droppings often cause a foul smell and attract other pests like insects or cause mold growth.

Also, guano can erode building materials over time and may contain fungi that cause respiratory issues. Given these problems, addressing bat infestations promptly with a reliable, local bat control company becomes urgent if you are dealing with an infestation.

What To Do If You Have Bats In The Attic

If you discover bats in your attic, handling the situation promptly and responsibly is essential.

Here are some steps to follow to safeguard your household and these protected invaders:

  • Confirm their presence: Observe your attic at dusk when bats are likely to emerge to feed. Listen for noises to ensure they have settled inside your home.

  • Do not panic: Bats are generally not aggressive. Still, give them space and avoid direct contact as they could carry dangerous diseases and might be protecting their young.

  • Seek professional help: Contact a licensed wildlife mitigation expert like the experts at CP Bat Mitigation instead of attempting DIY strategies, as it could cause unintended harm to the bats and legal consequences due to their protected status.

  • Exclude and seal: Our professional bat mitigation experts will identify entry points and install one-way exclusion devices to allow bats to leave but not reenter. Once the attic is bat-free, sealing all openings will prevent their return.

  • Sanitize and repair: Clean up the guano and damaged areas after the bats are gone using proper protective gear. When you work with us, we will include the cost, the warranty, and the clean-up in our quote.

  • Install bat houses: Encourage bats to roost away from your living space by installing bat houses in your yard.

  • Prevent future infestations: Regularly inspect and maintain your home to prevent new access points from forming.

Bats are beneficial creatures; carefully handling their removal is essential. Still, doing it alone is challenging, and professional treatments are the best way to get them out safely.

Professional Treatment Is The Best Way To Get Bats Out

Professional treatment is undoubtedly the best approach to get bats out of your home. Many laws protect them due to their vital ecological role, but we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to safely and humanely handle bat infestations for you.

We employ ethical and effective methods, such as one-way exclusion devices, to allow bats to leave but prevent reentry. You should be bat free within eight weeks; if not, we will return as needed until we have resolved the issue. 

You can rely on CP Bat Mitigation if you need professional bat mitigation services that are safe and humane. Call us today to get started with a free inspection.

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