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Bat Mitigation 101: A Useful Guide For Omaha Homeowners

Small brown bat resting on the ground near grass during the day.

Bats may be pests in Omaha, but they're also a protected species that play an essential role in our ecosystem. They eat insects that could otherwise damage important plants, helping the environment around us to thrive. Still, they can cause problems on your property, so what can you do?

CP Bat Mitigation is the leader in humane bat control and is here to help you solve your bat problems safely. This post will provide valuable information about bat mitigation and why it's so important. So read on, and remember to call CP Bat Mitigation for your Omaha pest control needs.

What Is Bat Mitigation?

Mitigation is a form of bat control that focuses on capturing and relocating bats to natural environments where they can thrive. To this end, specialists use a variety of humane traps and other products to subdue bats found in human structures. Relocating bats keeps them from causing us problems while letting them benefit our ecosystem. 

The bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation are solely focused on safely mitigating bats from your property. After a thorough inspection, we will work with you to build a plan to relocate nesting bats. Then, we'll help you retake your home without upsetting the delicate balance of our ecosystem. 

Although Beneficial, Bats Can Be Dangerous

Bats help keep insect populations down and play a valuable role in protecting crops and other plants. They're so helpful that you might second-guess ousting them from your home at all. But make no mistake: bats can be dangerous to humans.

Bats can carry rabies and infect humans through bites or scratches, but this is very rare. However, bat droppings can also cause health concerns. Bat feces can foster the growth of a fungus that causes an infection called histoplasmosis in humans.

When you have bats anywhere in your home, you need bat control specialists for your Omaha home to tackle the problem. CP Bat Mitigation's team of experts has decades of industry experience. You can count on them to safely relocate bats without putting you at further risk.

Useful Tips To Mitigate Bats Around The Property

If you want to have a hand in bat mitigation on your property, you're in luck! Below are some simple bat pest control methods to help deter bats from your lawn and home. Try these tips for yourself:

  • Fit a screen over your chimney. Bats can nest inside of these structures or use them to gain greater access to the inside of your house. A well-fit screen will keep them out.
  • Make your property less appealing to insects. Since bats feast on bugs, they are more likely to spend time where insects are abundant. But you can keep bugs – and, by proxy, bats – away by eliminating easily accessible food and water sources from your property.
  • Repair holes in your home's walls. Bats are capable of squeezing their bodies through openings that are less than half an inch in diameter. Take the time to repair such spots around your home's exteriors to better protect yourself against bat infestations.

Let the pros at CP Bat Mitigation share their knowledge with you! When you hire us, you'll get the depth of our knowledge and learn the most effective ways to mitigate bats on your property. We'll help protect your property for years to come.

The Pros To Know For Quality Bat Mitigation Services

At CP Bat Mitigation, our mission is to ensure bats don't nest where they don't belong. We'll use the most humane bat control products available to catch and relocate them away from your home, giving you peace of mind and control of your home once more. Reach out to us today, and together we'll develop a bat mitigation plan for your unique needs!

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