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About The Different Types Of Bats That Hang Around Omaha

Small brown bat clinging to a stone wall.

Bats are animals that are frequently misunderstood. They’ve developed a bad reputation over the years, sometimes for things that are factual and sometimes for things that are not. Regardless of how you feel about bats, they are an important part of Omaha’s ecosystem, so knowing a few things about the types of bats in the Omaha area can help you understand them a little bit better. For this task, there’s no better source than the experts at CP Bat Mitigation. We offer bat pest control in Omaha that safely and humanely excludes bats from your home or business so they can spend time in areas where they belong instead of in your attic.

There Are 12 Different Species Of Bat That Call Omaha Home

Omaha is home to at least 12 different species of bats. All of the bat species in Omaha are insectivores, which means they only eat flying insects. This is great news for all Omaha home and business owners because a healthy bat population around your property means there will be far fewer mosquitoes to deal with.

Most of the 12 bat species in Omaha are unlikely to be seen around buildings. In fact, there are just a few bat species that are commonly found where people would see them.

The Bats That Most Commonly Cause Problems For Homeowners

Of all of the different species of bats in Omaha, only three are typically found around residences, and only two commonly cause problems for homeowners. The red bat can be seen around residential areas but usually lives in trees. The big brown bat and the little brown bat are the two species you may discover if you find bats in the house. Big brown bats grow up to five inches long and have wing spans of up to 12 inches. They have dark brown fur on their backs and lighter brown fur on their bellies. Little brown bats look a lot like big brown bats but are smaller, growing up to four inches in length.

Although bats are beneficial to our ecosystem, that doesn’t mean that you want them in your Omaha home. Bat droppings can cause serious health problems, and if bats get into your house, they will leave their droppings behind. The most notable disease caused by bat droppings is histoplasmosis, which is a fungal disease. When bat droppings are disturbed, the fungal spores can become airborne and infect anyone who breathes them in. Furthermore, although it’s somewhat rare, some bats are rabid. If a close encounter with an infected bat results in a bite, you could end up with rabies yourself.

The Bats That Are Protected In Omaha

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bats in the attic, you might be tempted to try to get rid of them on your own. The problem with that is that bats are a protected species in Omaha. It is illegal to kill bats in Nebraska. If you don’t know how to safely mitigate bats from your house without harming them, you could end up breaking the law without meaning to. That’s why you need to contact experienced bat experts when bats get into your Omaha home.

Contact CP Bat Mitigation For Answers To All Your Bat Questions

For bat control in Omaha or for answers to your bat-related questions, contact CP Bat Mitigation. We have years of experience excluding bats from Omaha homes in a way that fully eliminates your bat problem, stops it from returning, and protects the bats that were in your house by allowing them to remain in the wild. Get in touch with us today!

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