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Why It's Dangerous To Let Bats Hang Out On Your Sioux Falls Property

Small brown bat clinging onto a tree bark.

When it comes to dealing with bats in your Sioux Falls home, it's best to leave the task up to the professionals. Handling bats in your home can be quite dangerous. Bats carry a number of diseases that can easily spread to your and your family. They can also cause quite a bit of damage to your property if not handled properly or quickly.

If you're facing a bat issue and unsure of what to do, read on. In this blog, we explore the vital role that bats play in our environment, why they're dangerous to deal with, the diseases they're able to spread, and what Sioux Falls bat control company to call to get them out of your house for good.

Bats Play A Vital Role In Our Environment

While dealing with bats on our own can be quite dangerous, they actually play a vital role in our environment. With bats, it's useful to try to encourage them to leave your home and find their own habitat rather than trying to extinguish them inside the house. 

Bats are vital to our environment because they're mini pest controllers - their diet mainly consists of insects. In turn, they help cause less damage to crops and also get rid of any unwanted insects in your own home.

Bats Are Capable Of Spreading Dangerous Diseases

Even though bats serve their purpose of getting rid of insects, it's actually quite dangerous to live among them. Bats carry and spread diseases. Some health concerns to look out for with bats are:

  • Rabies - Getting bit by a bat might be a potential hazard for rabies. Rabies affects the central nervous system and can cause disorders in the brain or even death.
  • Histoplasmosis - This infection comes from breathing in a fungus in bat droppings. It can cause headaches, coughs, fever, chest pain, and body aches.
  • Parasites - Parasites can affect the body in a number of ways, causing fatigue, nerve damage, and more.

Getting rid of bats in your home with bat pest control is crucial not only because they're a nuisance but also to protect yourself and your family from contracting these diseases.

Even Cleaning Up After A Bat Infestation Is Dangerous

Getting rid of bats on your own can be a dangerous task. As mentioned previously, bats can spread diseases, causing harm to you and your family. Even if you manage to get the bats out of your house on your own, cleaning up after a bat infestation can be quite dangerous.

Bats leave their droppings on your roof, attic, basement, or anywhere else they were roosting. Bat droppings contain a fungus that can cause an infection if breathed in. This infection is called histoplasmosis. Some symptoms of histoplasmosis are headaches, fatigue, chest pain, and more. Hiring bat control in Sioux Falls is your best bet at safely removing any health issue that could potentially occur to you and your family.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Bats And Their Mess

The safest and best way to control bats in Sioux Falls (and the mess they make) is to hire professional bat control near you. At CP Bat Mitigation, we take extra precautions when getting bats out of homes and ensure a thorough clean-up as well. If you're dealing with a bat problem, don't try to handle it by yourself. Buying bat control products will waste time and money and will only put your health at serious risk of infection or disease. Let the bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation handle it for you.

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