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Excluding Bats From Buildings In Sioux Falls

Cluster of small brown bats hanging upside down from wooden beams.

No business owner wants bats hanging around their building. These scary-looking creatures can cause customers to run screaming from the building and damage your reputation forever. At CP Bat Mitigation, our Sioux Falls pest control experts know how to handle your bat problem. We have a team of bat control specialists that know how to find and relocate bats from your building or facility. 

Why Is Bat Exclusion Necessary?

Bats prefer to stay away from humans. But occasionally, a South Dakota business owner will find these pesky animals roosting in the attic or up in the rafters of a building. If bats are able to get inside your building, they can cause all sorts of problems, including:

  • Damage: On average, a bat will leave around 20 to 30 bat droppings every day. If you have just two bats in your facility, you could have over 1,800 droppings in your facility in about four weeks. As the bat guano continues to pile up, it can have a negative impact on your building.
  • Foul odors: Even if the guano does not cause structural damage, the foul odor from it and the bat urine will deter people from entering. 
  • Allergies and illnesses: Some people have been known to have severe allergic reactions to bat guano. Bat droppings can also contain a fungus that, if inhaled, can cause a lung infection called histoplasmosis. 
  • Secondary pest infestation: Bats are also known to carry external parasites, like fleas and bat bugs. These bugs can quickly infest your building, causing even more problems.

Bats are known for eating a lot of insects. Even if they do not cause harm to your building, just seeing bats around can make people believe that you have an insect infestation on your property.

Tips To Effective Bat Exclusion

The easiest way to achieve total bat control is to prevent the bats from coming into your facility in the first place. In order to do this, make sure that all cracks and gaps are sealed up around te exterior. You should cover chimney flues and vents with a metal mesh screen to prevent bats from entering your building. Also, make sure not to leave windows or doors open to your facility overnight. 

Pros Of Professional Bat Exclusion Services

In South Dakota, there are laws that prohibit bat extermination under most circumstances. Instead, bat exclusion is the preferred bat control method. In order to ensure that you are complying with state and federal laws, it is recommended that you call a professional bat control specialist at the first sign of bats in and around your property. 

Exclusion services provide a humane way to eliminate bats from your facility. As we already mentioned, it is far easier to prevent bats from coming into your building than it is to get rid of them. By using a bat exclusion service, you have a better chance of ensuring that your facility stays bat-free. 

At CP Bat Mitigation, the tools we use for bat exclusion are more cost-effective than other bat control products. Using a professional bat exclusion service can make your facility safer and save money in the long run. 

Consult The Bat Exclusion Experts Today!

If you think that you may have bats in your Sioux Falls building, don't hesitate to give us a call! At CP Bat Mitigation, we specialize in safe and humane bat exclusion solutions. We know how to safely make your facility bat-free and keep it that way in the future.

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