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Expert Bat Control Solutions: Regaining Peace Of Mind In Your Omaha Home

Small brown bat resting on white insulation material beside a wooden wall.

Your home is your sanctuary and a place where you should feel comfortable and at ease. However, if you are sharing it with unwanted pests, it can become a place you want to avoid.

Bats are outdoor pests that often decide to use our houses as a place of shelter. If bats ever find their way into your home, the best way to get rid of them is to partner with a local Omaha pest control professional. CP Bat Mitigation and our dedicated professionals help homeowners in Omaha take back their homes from bats.

How To Tell If Bats Are Roosting On Your Property

Eliminating roosting bats from your property as quickly as possible is vital. To help you maintain a bat-free property, you must first learn how to identify their presence.

Below are some common signs of bats roosting on your property:

  • Finding piles of bat droppings (guano) that resemble mouse droppings in or around your home. 
  • Noticing bats swooping to and from your home at dusk or dawn.
  • Noticing grease marks on the exterior of your home near a bat’s entrances and exits.
  • Seeing bats roosting somewhere in your home.

At any notice of bat activity around your home, immediately reach out for professional help. Our residential bat mitigation services in Omaha will give you peace of mind that unwanted bats will no longer call your house home.

Why You Don't Want Bats Roosting On Your Property

There are many valid reasons why you don’t want bats roosting on your property. There is no question that bats are vital parts of the ecosystem and deserve a home, but just not our homes.

Some of the biggest cons of bats roosting in Omaha homes include the following:

  • Bats can introduce parasites into your home that are living in their fur.
  • Bats spread diseases, including rabies, that can make people seriously ill. 
  • Bat guano (feces) contains a fungus that spreads histoplasmosis.
  • The entrances and exits bats create in your home cause structural damage.
  • The build-up of their droppings creates unpleasant odors and stains on surfaces. 
  • When bats feel threatened or corned, they can react by biting or scratching, putting you, your kids, or your pets in danger.

If bats have made themselves comfortable in or near your home, don’t delay taking action and contacting a professional for help! For bat mitigation near you, call CP Bat Mitigation.

The Costly Errors And Frustration Of DIY Bat Control

When pests like bats find their way into our homes, it is natural to think you can take care of the issue on your own. A quick internet search will supply you with a list of DIY bat control techniques. However, we never recommend DIY bat control because it is generally unsuccessful and can put you and the bats in danger.

The biggest reason you need a professional to help you eliminate a bat infestation is that many laws and regulations are associated with bat mitigation. An experienced professional will know the local laws and how to successfully and safely clear out bats from your home.

Bats are wild animals and should always be dealt with by an experienced professional. Though DIY bat control isn't something you should tackle, you can do things around your property to make it less attractive to bats. Prevent problems with bats by installing bright exterior lights, sealing gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior, and placing fake owls (the bat’s number one predators) around your home.

CP Bat Mitigation is here to provide Omaha property owners with humane bat control.

The Benefits Of Experienced Professional Bat Control

The biggest benefit of partnering with an experienced bat control professional is peace of mind. Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we are committed to our customers and developing bat mitigation programs that provide effective bat control in Omaha. Our skilled experts are here to perform the services necessary to remove bats from your Omaha property once and for all. To learn more about our family-owned company and our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha, reach out today!

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