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The Benefits Of Bats In Omaha's Ecosystem

Small brown bat clinging onto a tree bark.

Omaha, Nebraska, is a big city that maintains its small-town community vibe. Its friendly people and affordability make it the perfect place to settle down. This vibrant city and its surrounding natural spaces can keep people busy all year round. With Omaha's wide-open spaces come the benefits of incredible forests and parks. Area bats are a surprising animal that significantly keeps the local ecosystem thriving. While a bat's presence around local homes may cause some anxiety, it is vital to use proper bat control in Omaha to ensure we continue our conservation efforts.

How Bats Keep Insect Populations In Check

Most people aren't thrilled to see bat activity around their homes, but they are essential to the environment. These nocturnal mammals play a crucial part in insect control. Typically bats leave their roosts at the end of the day and start looking for food. Fortunately for people, mosquitoes are one of their favorite foods. Some bats can eat 3,000 to 7,000 mosquitoes in just one hour; they are mosquito-eating machines! They also enjoy things like moths, gnats, and flying beetles. 

Bats also contribute to keeping agricultural pest populations down by eating pests (like cucumber beetles) that destroy or harm crops. Some estimates believe bats save the agricultural industry billions of dollars with insect eating. Bats even benefit people's gardening efforts when they consume harmful insects. Since bats perform such a valuable service, they need to be protected. When these "scary" mammals suddenly show up in yards or inside homes, it's important to call on the skills of a bat expert like CP Bat Mitigation for safe and humane bat control services.

Pollinators In The Night: Bats' Role In Plant Fertilization

While Nebraska bats are insect eaters (insectivores), some bat species in the United States and other countries contribute to pollination. Pollination is vital to our ecosystem because it contributes to plant reproduction (fertilization). While bees are the unquestionable daylight leaders in pollination, over 300 plants in the United States depend on bats to do their part at night. 

Bats are attracted to nectar-rich plants and often visit fragrant blooms. Flowers with a funnel shape or tubes invite bats because of their easy access. When bats visit flowers to drink nectar, pollen often attaches to the hairs of their body. As bats move from plant to plant, the pollen on their body gets transferred to other plants, which can lead to fertilization. They also help with plant growth by dispersing seeds and reforesting. Considering a bat's valuable contributions to the ecosystem, homeowners who need help with pesky bats should always use a bat control specialist like CP Bat Mitigation for control services.

Balancing Ecosystems: The Impact Of Bat Extinctions On Biodiversity

Biodiversity describes how organisms work together to keep this planet healthy and balanced. When bat populations start to decline, it can create serious ecological and economic consequences. Multiple factors can contribute to a decline in bat populations.

Contributing factors to a decline in bat populations include:

  • Climate changes
  • Human development (loss of habitat)
  • An increased presence of wind turbines
  • Insecticides
  • Disease (white-nose syndrome/fungal disease)

Bats are an integral part of our ecosystem and need to be protected. Their roles in pest control, pollination, seed dispersal, and reforesting are just some ways they help keep our planet working as it should. When bats become a nuisance around properties, it's time to call in the bat experts at CP Bat Mitigation for bat control. With our help, homeowners can protect their homes while caring for the bats that help our planet.

Our Expert Bat Mitigation Services Protect Both Bats And Your Home

Few people enjoy having bats in or around their homes, so using CP Bat Mitigation for safe and humane bat control solutions is important. Our company has over 32 years of experience dealing with bats in the Omaha area. The residential bat mitigation services we provide protect homes and the bats that are important to the area. For expert help navigating bat pest control, contact CP Bat Mitigation today.

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