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What To Do If There Are Bats Living In Your Omaha Attic Or Chimney

Group of small brown bats hanging from a stone ceiling.

How often do you go up into your attic? For most homes, the attic is a space to store items. Some people do not use this space at all. Whether you use your attic or not, you should know about bats and the problems they cause.

For immediate help with an active infestation in your home, get our team at CP Bat Mitigation involved. For more information about bat pest control in Omaha and the problems these pests cause, keep reading. We have everything you need to know. 

Finding Bats Hiding In Your Attic Or Chimney

One big challenge with bats is knowing if these pests are inside your home. There are many wildlife creatures that like to invade attic spaces. These include rats, mice, squirrels, and birds. A quick way to distinguish what types of creatures are making noise and causing trouble is to go into your attic. We do not recommend this, however. Bats are one of the more aggressive aviary pests. They are also one of the most common spreaders of rabies.

To avoid a potential attack while finding out if there are bats in your house, bring in our team. We will perform a quick inspection using safety equipment and identify your risk.

Steps To Take Once You Suspect Bats Are On Your Property

There is a lot you need to know if you have bats in the attic. Start by making sure these pests are, in fact, inside your home. Once you know, they are around; your next step is to prep your home for bat control. Here are some basic steps to follow while waiting on our team:

  • Do not go up into your attic on your own. You should avoid this, as it is dangerous.
  • Address entry points around your home’s exterior that bats might be using to get indoors. Do not seal the main entry point.
  • Make sure your attic is easily accessible so our team can get to where they need.

The most important step is to make sure our team has access to your attic. We have the tools to take care of exclusion and other control methods. If you do not have the tools or training for this job, let us provide them.

Problems Associated With Leaving A Bat Infestation Untreated

Before we talk about professional bat pest control, it is important that you know the threats these pests pose. 

First, bats are one of the primary spreaders of rabies. If threatened or trapped, these pests will attack with bites and scratches. This is not, however, the only problem that comes with these pests. Bats also spread other diseases through their fecal droppings. The longer these pests stay in your attic, the more droppings build up. Some common diseases you might contract from bat excrement include salmonellosis, histoplasmosis, and yersiniosis. Avoid these sicknesses by allowing our professionals to handle these pests for you. 

Professional Bat Mitigation Services In Omaha

If you are looking for bat control specialists to address a problem you are having, you are in the right place. Our highly trained team at CP Bat Mitigation is proficient in exclusion and mitigation methods. We will identify how bats are getting into your home, seal entry points, leaving only one, and install a system that allows bats a way out but prevents them from getting back inside. 

Talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation for direct information about bat pest control near you and discover how we can effectively solve problems you are having with these pests in your Omaha home.

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