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Bat-Friendly Landscaping In Omaha: Enhancing Habitat and Mitigating Conflicts

Brown bat flying through foliage at night.

When pest populations move into our yards or properties, homeowners tend to get worried about how to properly address the problem. Bat infestations demonstrate why this indecision is warranted, as these mammals are pollinators that play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

But that doesn’t mean you want bats literally hanging around your Omaha yard or home. So what can you do? With Omaha pest controlfrom CP Bat Mitigation, dealing with bats the right way is easy. Learn how our bat control specialists can help you avoid and address bat populations today.

How Your Lawn And Landscaping Can Invite Bats 

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is improperly planning their yards. Most people prefer a layout that is visually appealing to them and has amenities that they themselves like. But yards can be attractive to pests, too, including bat species.

Here are some factors that may increase bat activity around your home:

  • Fragrant flowers: Plants that give off strong aromas attract insects, which in turn attract bats that feed on these bugs at night. 
  • Water sources: Installing pools, bird baths, or other water features can also attract both bugs and bats. 
  • Fruit trees: Some bats eat fruits, so having fruit-bearing trees is also an attractant. 

An inspection by trained professionals can help you spot all the factors around your yard that may be increasing your risk of bats and other pests, so contact CP Bat Mitigation to learn more.

Landscaping Tips To Minimize Bat Activity Around Your Home

Now that we’ve covered some of the factors that increase bat activity, it’s important to also go over some practical tips for how to control bats and prevent them from nesting around your property or invading your home directly: 

  • Exclusion methods: To ensure bats can’t get inside your chimney, install grates or screens that remove this access point to your home. 
  • Tree trimming: Shady lawns attract bugs and bugs attract bats, so keeping your trees trimmed will remove harborage areas that both categories of pests will utilize. 
  • Lighting: Bats have sensitive eyes and don’t like going to bright areas. As such, installing lighting that fills your yard with white light can also be a good bat deterrent. 

For more tips on how to keep bats away without impacting their populations or your yard’s beauty, contact CP Bat Mitigation today.

Why Active Bat Infestations Require Professional Mitigation

Look, we get it, bats can be undesirable on your property. Whether it’s the bat droppingsthey leave behind or the damage they can cause to your decorative plants, an infestation isn’t exactly wanted. But these pests are crucial pollinators, helping with the disbursement of seeds that help ecosystems thrive. This is why professional mitigation and prevention are necessary. At CP Bat Mitigation, we know how to humanely mitigate bats without disrupting the natural order of their right to exist and thrive.

We need bats and bats need us, so get proper residential bat control in Omaha by turning to CP Bat Mitigation right away.

Professional Bat Mitigation Keeps Omaha Homes Healthy

If bats have already caused problems in your Omaha yard — or if you’ve had to deal with the unwanted excitement of one of these flying mammals getting inside your home — you should turn straight to the professionals.

Let CP Bat Mitigation provide pest control for batsthat keeps them away from your belongings without causing undue harm to their necessary populations. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha and see how we can assist you with every step of the process, from bat-proofing your property to taking steps to limit attractants around your yard.

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