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How Do Professionals In Sioux Falls Get Rid Of Bats?

Tiny brown bat crawling on a wooden surface.

There are so many pests that we can expect to see inside our homes. There are also those that catch us off guard. Bats are one of these pests. These local aviary creatures have a bad habit of breaking into attics, getting people sick, and making noise at all hours of the night.

If you suspect there are bats in your house, you are in the right place. We have everything you need to know. For immediate help with bat pest control in Sioux Falls contact our team at CP Bat Mitigation. To learn more about bat control, keep reading.

The Trouble With DIY Bat Mitigation

Dealing with bats without professional help is never recommended. These local pests are dangerous both directly and indirectly. Bats can become aggressive toward people nearby if disturbed, trapped, or threatened and this can result in bites, scratches, and other minor harm. Considering that bats are one of the most commonly reported rabid animals in the United States, these injuries are something you should avoid at all costs.

As for indirect danger, these flying pests spread disease through their fecal droppings. Bat droppings collect on the floor of attics and can release particulates into the air. If you want to remove bats from your home, keep these threats in mind. To ensure that these pests find their way out of your home at no risk to yourself, consider our bat mitigation services. 

Steps To Take Before Bat Mitigation Services

If you are considering investing in bat control services through CP Bat Mitigation, there are some things you might have to do before we visit you. Some of these things are necessary, while others will help us do our jobs. Keeping this in mind, here are three steps to consider:

  1. Remove items, furniture, or clutter that blocks entry to your attic.
  2. Repair any damage that might lead from your general living areas to your attic.
  3. Walk around your home and identify holes, gaps, or other damaged areas that bats might use to get in and out of your home.

While following these steps, avoid entering your attic. It is best to leave bats be until our team can perform the necessary steps to encourage them out.

Steps Professionals Take In Order To Mitigate Bats In Sioux Falls

Direct bat removal through traps and pesticides is not something we believe in at CP Bat Mitigation. We strongly believe in the power of mitigation and encouragement. That said, here is our general process to address problems locals face with these pests:

  • Identify entry points bats are using to get in and out of your home
  • Seal most entry points to limit access
  • Install a one-way device that allows bats a way out but prevents them from coming back indoors
  • Monitor infestation to ensure that all bats find their way out

These simple strategies have proven time and time again to be extremely effective. To find out what this would look like for your Sioux Falls home, let us know if you need help.

Contact CP Bat Mitigation Today To Handle Bats Around Your Property

If you notice signs of bats in your home and want these pests out, we have your answer here. CP Bat Mitigation is a local and trusted service provider passionate about helping members of our community find freedom from problematic bats. With just one visit, we will identify the extent of your infestation and begin the process of relocating these aviary invaders.

Call CP Bat Mitigation today to better understand our control offerings and make an appointment for your Sioux Falls home.

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