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Bat Mitigation Techniques For Different Structures In Sioux Falls

Tiny brown bat crawling on a wooden surface.

Bats present unique challenges for Sioux Falls bat control efforts, and that has to do with their unique behavior and the unique requirements of having them removed from various buildings. Bat mitigation is its own special category of pest control, but thankfully, CP Bat Mitigation has a great deal of experience in this area, and we want to share some of our expertise with you today. This will be a quick overview of how bats can affect different types of structures and why different structures require customized techniques.

How Bats Affect Homes, Buildings, Apartments, And Other Structures

The presence of bats in different structures can play out in very different ways. Bats in houses, for example, might go unnoticed for some time, while bats in an apartment building, where there is very little unused space, will probably be noticed very quickly.

In a general sense, bats are not good for structures. We’ll talk about some of the specific detrimental effects in a moment, but just know that it is not safe to have bats roosting in any type of building that people spend a great deal of time in. Bats can easily cause health concerns as well as various types of damage, which makes mitigating bats a priority for any and all structures.

How Bats Affect Different Types Of Structures

How do bats affect the structures they choose to call home? Different types of bats may prefer different structures depending on their needs, but generally, they want a safe, dark place where they can sleep during the day. Some concerns for bats in structures include:

  • Bites: In an inhabited building, the worst-case scenario is that a rabid bat will get spooked by an unsuspecting person and proceed to bite this person in self-defense, putting that person at serious medical risk. 
  • Safety concerns: In terms of a workplace, a bat infestation might represent an unclean working environment, which can lead to infractions and fines in certain scenarios. 
  • Droppings: While bats won’t chew through wires or gnaw away at structural supports, they do leave droppings, which can cause damage to a structure. These droppings can also lead to illnesses for nearby humans, making a bat infestation a health risk as well. 
  • Contamination: In the case of a warehouse, bats may unknowingly cause damage to products and resources placed in storage. If the building is specifically related to food service, bats may also contaminate food or water within the structure.  

Now that you know the kinds of problems bats can cause, learn more about the different ways to mitigate a bat problem.

Why Different Building Types Require Different Mitigation Techniques

Bat removal in your Sioux Falls home is a customized process, and that’s because various types of buildings each require their own approach. Depending on what species of bat is present and the opening by which they entered the structure, bat mitigation takes on very different forms.

In an attic, for example, the bats may be roosting in small gaps between supports, drywall, insulation,  etc., making them very hard to remove by hand. Meanwhile, bats roosting in the rafters of a warehouse may be easier to spot, but they’ll also have plenty of places to hide if a human disturbs them while they’re sleeping.

The differences can even come down to the specifics of each building of a certain type, so between residential houses, there will be small details that determine how a bat infestation should be handled. There’s really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why CP Bat Mitigation Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Bat Mitigation In Sioux Falls

If you’re looking for bat control services near you, look no further. At CP Bat Mitigation, we’re bat control specialists with a knack for safe and efficient mitigation. We will investigate your bat problem and, based on the unique qualities of the structure in question, whether it’s your home or business, will recommend the most fitting bat control solution.

Contact us right away to get the process started and to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Sioux Falls.

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