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Dell Rapids is regarded as one of the most distinctive communities in the region. Residents here enjoy bike trails, a charming downtown, and all of the outdoor adventure they could want. There are opportunities to kayak and take in the local scenery, and locals also have lots of public classes and events at their fingertips. Dell Rapids is home to campgrounds, a golf course, and a thriving local business scene that is enticing for visitors as well. Given that the city is dedicated to small businesses, it’s no wonder why it’s experiencing a steady growth in population.

At CP Bat Mitigation, we know that living in this area also means encountering bat populations in your home or place of business. When it comes to your quality bat mitigation in Dell Rapids needs, we have you covered. Our company is locally owned, is bonded and insured, and has more than 30 years of experience. We are a team that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, so we provide customized services that are designed to create lasting relief from bats. All of our work is humane and ethical for the bats, and we guarantee the results. To schedule your free inspection, please call us today. 

Residential Bat Mitigation In Dell Rapids

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Living in Dell Rapids is unlike living anywhere else. There is a strong sense of community and you have access to some of the most pristine natural environments. But this also comes with the possibility of developing bat problems in your home. Rather than allow bats to continue roosting in your attic, or even worse, trying to deal with them yourself, give CP Bat Mitigation a call. For more than 30 years, countless homeowners have put their trust in us, and with good reason. We’re a locally owned company that is also bonded and insured. All of our technicians have been trained to address bats and we provide an unmatched satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

When you notice bats in your home, we’ll start our service by performing one of our detailed free home inspections. We’ll look for signs of entry as well as any damage and active bats. Once we have this information, we’ll use it to formulate a program that is unique to your needs. We typically seal off all entry points with exclusion but one, where we install a one-way door. This will encourage bats to leave and prevent new bats from getting inside your home. We also offer clean-up services when they are needed to reduce possible exposure to health risks. For more information on residential bat control in Dell Rapids, call us today.

Commercial Bat Mitigation In Dell Rapids

Keeping bats out of your Dell Rapids business can be challenging but it’s necessary. Instead of trying store-bought devices and risking coming into contact with bats, consider professional services from CP Bat Mitigation. Our team of dedicated bat experts is bonded, insured, and backed by over 30 years of experience. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the team to call for bat populations, and with good reason. We take the time to understand how bats are interacting with your property, we utilize only ethical modes of mitigation and exclusion, and we guarantee the results.

Upon calling us, one of our technicians will be over to perform a free comprehensive property inspection. We’ll check for access points, bat activity, and any damage that they may have caused. After that, we’ll present you with our findings as well as a tailored approach to solving your problem. We’ll likely seal off all but one entry point with exclusion. We use the final opening to install a one-way door that directs bats out of your property while preventing them from getting back inside it. We’ll monitor the results of these services closely and make any adjustments that are necessary until every bat is gone. For more information on commercial bat control in Dell Rapids, please call us today.

How To Prevent Brown Bats Around Your Dell Rapids Home

Brown bats are one of the more common species of bats that you might come across in the Dell Rapids area. You’ll want to keep them out of your home in order to prevent possible property damage and health issues such as histoplasmosis.

Here are a few tips on how to make that a reality:

  • Try decorating: Bats, like some other wildlife, do not like shiny objects. You can hang mylar balloons and CDs around your property to try to deter them. 
  • Seal off entry points: Check your home and roof for any possible places where bats could enter. Pay special attention to the areas around upper floor windows and use materials such as silicone-based caulk and wire mesh to fill them. 
  • Use scent: There are certain scents, such as peppermint and eucalyptus, that bats hate, so diffusing these items around the home may be helpful.
  • Ask for help: The most effective way to prevent brown bats from taking over your attic is with professional services from a bat expert. These offerings will take into account the nuances of your property and the specific ways that local bats need to be handled. 

For more information on preventing and controlling bats, call CP Bat Mitigation today. 

Why To Call CP Bat Mitigation For Bats In Dell Rapids

If you’ve seen any signs of bats or their damage, the first thing you should do is call CP Bat Mitigation. Professional services are crucial because bats have a protected status and can be potentially harmful to your health. Their feces alone can be the source of histoplasmosis in some people.

You’ll want to call us specifically because we are the most qualified bat experts in town. We are bonded, insured, and have more than 30 years of experience in this arena. In addition to our qualifications, we use the most ethical and humane methods of evicting bats from a property. Our services are also designed to keep bats from returning to your property, so you can have greater peace of mind. We also monitor the results of our work very closely and don’t stop until we’ve made sure that there are no more bats in your home or business. We even guarantee the results. For more information on professional bat mitigation in Dell Rapids, SD, call us today.

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"Made a phone call, he showed up the next day with simple, effective advice and didn't try to up-sell any additional services.  I would highly recommend."

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"John was over the morning after I made my initial call regarding bats. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas and built a fair quote to remove the bats. His knowledge is broad on his profession."

Joshua P

"5 Stars!!!!   John and his team made an unfortunate house-selling situation a great experience.  John came and gave us an estimate within a day and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They fixed the bat issue and even took a look at our new place afterward.  I definitely recommend contacting Central Plains if need help in this area.  They provide a very professional service for a great value!"

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