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Uncommon Places Bats Find To Hide

Tiny brown bat crawling on a wooden surface.

If you clicked on the link for this blog post, I’m guessing that you think you have bats or have tried to “relocate” the bats that you’ve found in your abode; yet you continue to find evidence of them. Maybe you smell or see the “guano” (aka “bat poop”). Maybe you still hear the chirps. Let’s help you figure out where the heck those bats are living.

And if we can’t help you find their unusual hiding places, then you’ll want to turn to the experts who know how to solve your problem. CP Bat Mitigation– the experts to turn to when you can’t find them or remove them yourself.

So let’s start at the beginning. Imagine that you’re a bat. What do you want?

You’re not looking to terrorize the life of a human who would prefer to focus on soccer and her 401K. You want a safe shelter away from predators, a place where you might create a colony, give birth, and be safe. And maybe you’d like the luxury of hanging upside down, predator-free.

So. If you were a bat, where would you go?

Let’s Start By Thinking Of The Really High Places:

If your most powerful protective feature was your ability to stay high and fly, where would you go? What places in your home represent the heights, the highest, the safest place for a bat? What places in your home resemble caves? Think like a bat- places where bats might hang upside down, where the females can reproduce, and where they are safe from predators.

Let’s Start With Chimney And Your Fireplace:

The title of this piece is “uncommon” hiding places. But I’m guessing that your chimney is an uncommon “place” for you. When was the last time you explored every square inch? Think of what a great hiding place this would be. Easy entry. Easy exit. Climate controlled. No extremes of heat and cold. Wonderful place to raise your young?

Again, if you’re reading this blog, you’re doing so, likely, because you’ve already checked the chimney. But have you really checked? Have you observed your chimney at dusk? Your chimney is long and dark. You might need a professional for this one.

Do You Hear Squeaking Or Rustling Coming From Walls?

As you consider the unlikely, uncommon places where your bats might be hiding, mentally track your home from up to down. Top to bottom. Top of the chimney, what comes next?

Are there any gaps where your room meets the walls of your house? Think of how lovely the interior spaces of a wall would be for a bat. Again, bats aren’t trying to terrorize you. They’re just trying to survive. Same as you and me.

That doesn’t make them pleasant companions. Doesn’t mean you have to accept their presence. But they’re not trying to make you miserable.

Garage Rafters:

As we move from top to bottom, we need to ask. Do you have a garage? Does your garage have rafters? Again, in the rafters, there is little human movement. Your garage rafters represent a safe place up high. Check it out. If you can’t see or discern, well, that’s why they are professionals.

Folds Of Curtains and Behind Picture Frames:

If you’re moving from top to bottom, and you’ve moved from roof to trusses, to fascia, down the walls, and now you’re on the interior, thinking about curtains and behind picture frames. Bats, as I’ve said, will want to be protected, out of reach of a predator, and out of light. Find those dark places.

You don’t have to be afraid. Just think about where you would go if you just wanted a place to be safe and raise young, create an unnoticed community of fellow sojourners.

The curtains and behind picture frames are great places to look and start.

Now, let’s move to equally obvious: Bats in your Crawl Space or basement:
Again, think about the importance, to a bat, of temperature and light control. Basements and crawl spaces provide ample opportunity for both.

The level of work in finding those Omaha bats will depend on how finished your basement is. By that, I mean that your search will be complicated or eased by how finished your basement is. If you have a Candice Olson-inspired basement- meaning that your basement is entirely encased in sheetrock, upholstery, and granite–then your bat search might be easier. If your basement is unfinished, or you have a Silence-of-the-Lambs-worthy crawl space, well, then you might want to devote a vacation day to the task. Or you might hire a professional.

Bats In The Belfry:

Really? Do any of us even know what a belfry is? A Belfy is a structure enclosing a bell. Do you have such a structure? I didn’t think so.

In Your Toilet!?

This is unlikely, though possible. If you google bats in the toilet, you’ll probably find something. But then again, you can find anything on the Internet. Bats are looking for a cool place. They are small. They can hide in an unlikely place. This statement isn’t meant to scare you. It shouldn’t. It’s reality. Think of where you would disappear if you could fit in holes with diameters of 3/8 inch. You could hide in a window treatment or ceiling fan. You could conceal anywhere if you could. And you would. Wouldn’t you? We would.

Given That Bats Are Small And Can Hide Anywhere:

If you’re finding or sensing that you have bats in these areas, either because you’ve seen them or because you’ve heard them or smelled the tell-tale Guano (excrement), you might hire an expert. There’s no shame in focusing on the work that you excel at…and hiring someone else who excels at figuring out how bats think and how to locate a bat. And since bats provide a vital service in our ecosystem, it’s necessary to do their removal without causing them harm.

CP Bat Mitigation are experts who will figure out how to prevent bats in the first place and then remove them to another habitation. Professional bat exclusion services in Omaha.

Call us today to get started and learn more about our residential bat removal services.

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