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What Should I Do If I Find A Bat In My Backyard In Omaha?

Brown bat clinging to the edge of a screen door.

It’s hard to get bored while living in Omaha, Nebraska. With gorgeous lakes, majestic rivers, and plenty of wide-open spaces, there’s always something to do in the area. While enjoying Omaha’s outdoor scenery, residents often see high-flying bats zipping around. Without pest control in Omaha, these flying mammals might become frequent fliers in your backyard.

What Are My Legal Obligations If I Find A Bat In My Backyard?

While many people experience a shiver down their spines when bats get mentioned, they make valuable contributions to our ecosystem and environment. Bat populations have slowly declined over the years due to several factors, including disease, the increased presence of wind farms (turbines), increased human development that affects a bat’s habitat, and climate changes. Since bat populations must survive and continue to benefit mankind, the federal government and states have enacted laws to help protect them; therefore, it is essential that property owners not endanger or mishandle bats. 

Since bats require special handling, it is always essential to identify the bat species hanging out in your backyard. Improper treatment of bats can result in property owners incurring fines and penalties. Using chemical treatments to deal with bats is prohibited, and trapping that causes harm to bats can result in legal trouble for property owners. While humane bat control is the best way to mitigate bats, even the timing of exclusion efforts is limited to certain times of the year. Because bats are often protected, some areas may require approval or special licenses before exclusion efforts commence. To avoid harming bats or getting into trouble with the authorities, it is always best to seek bat mitigation near you with expert services from CP Bat Mitigation.

Is It Safe To Approach A Bat In My Backyard?

While bats don’t seek to attack humans, they will bite if they feel threatened or are mishandled. Saliva from bat bites can expose people to rabies, so staying away from bats in backyards is essential. You can’t determine if bats have rabies just by looking at them; they don’t exhibit the symptoms you typically associate with an animal infected with rabies. The only way to know if the bats on your property are infected is by testing them. Since rabies can get transferred from bat to human or animal through saliva or contact with infected tissue, it’s essential to keep your distance and let professionals handle them. In addition to rabies concerns, bats carry mites (bat bugs), which can get onto your skin and inflict irritating and itchy bites. With all the legal ramifications and health concerns that come with bat exclusion, it is always wise to seek help from trained professionals. The bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation can legally and safely exclude bats from properties.

What Are The Factors That Attract Bats To Yards?

Bats are like most animals; they have a basic need for food, shelter, and water. Multiple factors can draw them to local yards when they search for a resting place.

Factors that encourage bats to settle in area yards include:

  • A large population of insects (hornets, wasps, mosquitoes)
  • Clogged gutters
  • Yard debris that can hold accumulating water
  • Poor drainage

Bats discovering ideal conditions around local yards can get quite comfy on properties, so mitigate bat attractions that might lure them to your backyard is essential. With help from CP Bat Mitigation, our experienced technicians can recommend bat control services to help property owners avoid bat visits.

Who Should I Contact If I Find A Bat In My Backyard?

Bat control in Omaha can get stressful. With help from CP Bat Mitigation, our experts can help property owners navigate the ins and outs of successful bat exclusion. Our family-owned and operated company has 32 years of experience dealing with bats; we know the rules and regulations governing their safe exclusion from yards and buildings. Our exceptional customer service and industry-leading guarantee will ensure you receive safe, effective, and humane bat control. Contact CP Bat Mitigation today and get expert help resolving your bat issues.

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