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The Most Effective Bat Mitigation Service For Sioux Falls Businesses

Large brown bat hanging from a tree branch during the day.

Lots of people have a hatred of bats. Although we agree that these local creatures can cause trouble, they are one of the more beneficial species in our area. Today we will break down the problems and benefits that come with bats and offer you some options for pest control in Sioux Falls to mitigate these pests. If you are interested to learn more, keep reading. Contact our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you would like to save some time and find an immediate solution to the bats on your commercial property. 

Bats Are Beneficial To The Environment, Not Your Business

Bats are one of the most controversial creatures on the planet because, while they cause a lot of problems, they are generally beneficial. These creatures pose a benefit because they consume local pests, like ticks. At night, these leathery flyers go around and eat multitudes of ticks, which is helpful if you want to avoid ticks and the diseases they spread. The problem is that bats are also a problem, especially when they invade local businesses. Here we will go over more information you should know about the issues bats cause before we talk more about bat control in Sioux Falls.

A Bat Infestation Can Be A Big Problem For A Business

If given a chance, bats will utilize the secluded areas of your commercial property to rest during the day. These pests often choose to find shelter inside attic spaces, which would be less of a problem if these pests didn't spread diseases like histoplasmosis and rabies. Bats are one of the main spreaders of rabies around the globe. If you want to avoid sickness on your commercial property, you need to find some form of bat control that will humanely relocate these pests away from your business for good. Thankfully, we have options for you at CP Bat Mitigation. 

Factors That Attract Bats To Your Business

Most do not want to find bats inside their home or business. Most people also, unfortunately, do not know what attracts these pests in the first place. There are a number of factors that will make you more or less likely to find bats on your commercial property. Here are some of the most common attractants that you should be aware of:

  • Fragrant flowers growing around your property
  • Night-blooming plants around the exterior of your business
  • A high population of ticks on your property
  • Dead trees in your yard

One way to deter bats is to address these factors; however, this can take away from your property's appeal, especially if you are considering removing all your flowers. Instead of doing this, talk with our team about long-term pest control for bats in Sioux Falls. We have everything you need to combat these pests all year round.

Contact Us At The First Sign Of Bats Around Your Business

If you need to know how to control bats in the attic of your business or wherever else they may be taking shelter, let our team offer some solutions. CP Bat Mitigation is a local and humane wildlife pest control provider that provides bat relocation. We will get these pests out of your commercial property by using a one-way gate that allows them to leave but not to return. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about bat wildlife control and how we can get them out of your Sioux Falls business.

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