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The Top Misconceptions About Bats In Sioux Falls And Why They’re Wrong

Two brown bats hanging close together from a wooden ceiling.

Bats are a fairly common pest in the Sioux Falls area. They’re also one of the pests with the most myths and superstitions surrounding them. From the phrase “blind as a bat” to the belief that all bats are carriers of rabies to the warning about bats getting caught in your hair, there is quite a bit of misinformation about this pest.

Bat control can be difficult when you don’t know the important facts about the pest you’re dealing with, so this article will cover several common misconceptions and give you the actual facts related to each one. At CP Bat Mitigation, we specialize in helping you get rid of these pests safely and responsibly. When it comes to bats, we offer the best pest control in Sioux Falls.                                                                             

Bats Are Blind: Dispelling The Myth About Bat Vision

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “blind as a bat” or heard people talk about bats as if they have poor eyesight. This isn’t true at all. The different species of bats that live in Sioux Falls can see just as well as humans can; their eyes are just adapted to darker conditions, so their ability to perceive color is somewhat limited.

Bats are able to keep track of their surroundings while moving at high speed due to a method of sound-based sight called echolocation. By sending out very high-pitched sounds from their noses and mouths, bats are able to detect details of their environment. They listen to these sound waves as they bounce back. By listening to these echoes, bats are able to navigate and hunt. Next, let’s tackle a misconception that comes up a lot in bat pest control; the idea that all bats carry rabies. 

All Bats Carry Rabies: The Facts About Bat-Borne Diseases

Rabies is a well-known deadly disease. It is contracted primarily from contact with infected animals, causes inflammation of the brain, and can be fatal if it isn’t treated properly and quickly. The belief that all bats have rabies is simply incorrect. Bats that have been tested for rabies have shown less than a ten percent infection rate.

While this is still a potential threat, the more likely cause of disease is often bat droppings. These droppings contain a fungus that causes the lung disease histoplasmosis, and they can attract other bats as well as pests like cockroaches, which bring in diseases of their own.

Bats Will Fly Into Your Hair: Why This Urban Legend Is False

You may have been told as a child that if you stayed out too late, bats would fly into your hair. Like the idea that bats can’t see, this is simply an urban legend, likely invented by parents to get children inside before it got dark. If you want to keep bats away, there are a few things you can do that don’t involve running inside. These include: 

  • Making sure that screens around windows and doors are working
  • Checking the exterior of your home for any cracks or gaps
  • Installing a bat house to keep bats from seeking shelter in your home
  • Contacting a local pest control company if you need to get rid of bats in your home

Some states have laws to ensure that humane bat control practices are used when mitigating these pests. You’ll want to have some help from the experts like CP Bat Mitigation if you’re dealing with a bat infestation. 

Facts: We Offer The Best Bat Mitigation Services For Your Home

After debunking all these myths about bats, there is one fact you can count on – CP Bat Mitigation is the best bat control company in Sioux Falls. We have decades of combined experience dealing with these pests, and we offer outstanding customer service.

We’re committed to helping you deal with bats responsibly so you can have peace of mind. Contact CP Bat Mitigation today!

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