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What To Do If You Encounter Bats On Your Sioux Falls Property

Small brown bat resting on a light stone surface.

Bats can be a scary pest to encounter on your property in Sioux Falls. These flying mammals can be intimidating, and there are plenty of popular myths about them that make them seem a lot more threatening than they usually are. Bat control in Sioux Falls can be tricky. Bats are difficult to get out of your house once they’re inside, and many states have laws protecting them because of their beneficial impact on the environment.

If you do find yourself dealing with bats, you can always call CP Bat Mitigation, the premier bat control experts in the Sioux Falls pest control industry. We’ll quickly go over what you should do if you find bats on your property. 

Stay Calm And Assess The Situation: Bats Aren’t Out To Hurt Us

The first thing to do if you encounter bats in your house or yard is avoid panicking. Despite their reputation in folklore and popular media, bats have no interest in hurting you and would just as soon stay out of your way. Most bats only seek shelter in homes because of a shortage of the natural shelters that they would normally use, like caves and hollow trees. If you can provide bats with an alternative shelter or exclude them from your home, they won’t have any interest in getting inside.

Bats don’t drink human blood, either. There are only three known types of bats that feed on blood, and they all prefer animal blood and don’t tend to bother humans. None of these bats even live in the United States. Now that you understand that bats aren’t hostile to you, let’s talk about some of the risks bats bring with them.

Understand The Risks Of Bat Encounters

Despite their mostly peaceful nature toward humans, bats can be provoked. Like any wild animal, they will defend themselves if they are attacked or threatened. Bites from wild animals are one of the most common causes of rabies, and bats are known to carry the disease, if only rarely.

The fungi that are present in bat droppings can also cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis, and these droppings will attract more bats as well as other pests like cockroaches. This is another reason why you shouldn’t wait to get bats out of your home once you know they’re inside.

Humane Techniques To Encourage Bats To Leave Your Property

Now that we’ve covered the initial response you should have to bats – keep calm and don’t antagonize or handle them directly – let’s talk about how you can keep bats away from your home. These humane bat control tips should help you keep your home safe. They include: 

  • Search the outside of your home for any cracks or openings and seal them.

  • Make sure screens on windows and doors are in working order. 

  • Install screens behind attic vents and chimney openings. 

  • Put up a bat house to encourage bats to nest there instead of in your home.

These tips will only help if you’re trying to keep bats out. If there are already bats in your home, you’ll need some help from a professional pest control service.

Know When It’s Time To Seek Expert Help With Bat Removal 

The final tip for dealing with bats in Sioux Falls is to know when to call for expert help. CP Bat Mitigation specializes in dealing with these pests and helping homeowners get rid of them safely and legally. We bring decades of experience in humane bat mitigation practices, as well as a strong commitment to customer service and reliability.

We believe that every bat needs a home – just not yours. Contact CP Bat Mitigation today!

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