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The Dangers Of A Bat Infestation And How To Control It In Sioux Falls

Small brown bat hanging from a tree branch during the day.

Discovering bats are living in your house is stressful, and you are right to be worried. Although bats have many benefits in the world, there is no upside to having them in your house. Sioux Falls pest control companies know too well that there are several downsides.

This article will explain more about the dangers of having bats in the house. We'll review the diseases bats can transmit and explain how even having their droppings in your home endanger your health. Read on to learn more about effective and humane bat control in Sioux Falls with the pros at CP Bat Mitigation.

Bats Play A Vital Role In Our Ecosystem

Having bats in the house is always a problem, but outside, they play essential roles in the ecosystem. Like bees, bats are pollinators, but because they are nocturnal, they primarily pollinate pale night-blooming flowers, unlike bees which will pollinate bright daytime flowers. 

Bats help to pollinate many plants, including bananas, mangoes, and agave plants used to make tequila. If that's not enough, at least 40 different types of bats eat nothing but insects, including mosquitoes, moths, and beetles. 

While they play a vital role in our environment, bats are harmful when they live in your home. If you suspect bats are hiding in your house, contact us at CP Bat Mitigation for assistance in mitigating them.

Bat-Transmitted Diseases: The Risk To Both People And Pets

Bats may benefit the ecosystem, but they pose several risks to people and pets when they infest your home, and mitigating bats on your own can increase the risk of exposure to diseases. Bats can spread harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that will endanger your family and pet's health. Some bat-transmitted conditions include:

  • Bats can transmit rabies from a bite or even light contact, such as a slight scratch on a person or animal.
  • Histoplasmosis is a chronic lung infection that can spread to people and their pets.
  • Bats can spread dangerous bacteria such as salmonellosis and Pasteurella to people and animals.
  • Bats carry dangerous external parasites, including fleas, ticks, bat flies, and bat bugs, that can also spread disease. 

Professional bat mitigation is the safest way to handle bats because any contact with them or their droppings can put your health at risk. Contact us at CP Bat Mitigation for safe and effective bat control.

Bat Guano: Even Cleaning Up After An Infestation Is A Health Risk

Bat guano is the term professionals use for bat droppings. Bat guano can contain harmful fungi that can cause diseases such as histoplasmosis. There is a risk of disease transmission from having bats in your home, but an even greater risk comes when you attempt to clean up after an infestation.

Dried bat droppings in the attic can turn to dust which can cause severe respiratory infections when people inhale it. After we mitigate the bats in your house, our technicians can help to assess the droppings they leave behind and point you in the safest direction for cleaning up the guano. Contact us at CP Bat Mitigation with any questions or for help mitigating bats.

Trust Our Experienced Bat Mitigation Team To Solve Your Infestation

The best way to control bats in Sioux Falls is to work with professionals that can safely mitigate them. CP Bat Mitigation specializes in bats, and our technicians understand how to mitigate your bat problem while limiting your family's exposure to their dangers. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary inspection or to learn more about our services.

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