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What Will Keep Bats Away From My Omaha Home?

Brown bat clinging to a stone wall.

When you walk around your home, how often do you see pests? Lots of local structures have trouble keeping invasive creatures out. One invasive creature that is especially problematic is the bat. This leathery night flyer needs a cozy cave or attic to stay safe during the day. If they choose to invade your home, you may not notice them for a while. To help you identify and deal with bats in Omaha, here are some things to think about today.

Call our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you know you are dealing with an active problem. We will share with you options for humane bat control in Omaha and help you deal with these creatures.

What Type Of Bats Are There In Omaha?

You would be surprised with how many types of bats there are here in Omaha. Thankfully, most common species do not have any interest in invading your home or living near rural neighborhoods. The two species you should know about are big brown bats and small brown bats. Big brown bast grow to be upwards of five inches long and have brown to glossy-copper fur and skin. Little brown bats grow to be upwards of four inches long and have shiny, brown fur with black at the roots.

If you would like help identifying these pests in your attic or home, talk with our team about our advanced inspection services. We would be more than happy to help you find out what you are facing. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Bats Around My House?

The good news is that different species of bats cause the same problems. The bad news is that they still cause problems.

If you are dealing with an active infestation inside your home, there are two things that you should be aware of: rabies and histoplasmosis. Rabies is a disease that bats spread through saliva. It is a potentially life-threatening condition that is painful to treat. Histoplasmosis, on the other hand, is spread through bat droppings and causes symptoms like fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches, and chest pain. Let’s consider some options to avoid these serious problems.

What Will Keep Bats Away From My Home?

Bats will continue to invade a home as long as they can find a way in. The trick to keeping these pests at bay is to seal off potential entry points so that they no longer have access to interior spaces. This is done with exclusion work. Here are some DIY exclusion methods that might help you avoid an active infestation:

  • Address damage to your roofline.

  • Make sure all of your windows have proper seals.

  • Replace damaged screens and keep unscreened windows closed when you are not using them.

  • Install a cap on your chimney.

  • Fix damaged shingles.

For additional help with bat exclusion or to have an active infestation dealt with, talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation. 

What's The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Bats In My Attic?

There are many reasons why you should not try to deal with bats on your own. If you suspect these pests are inside your home, find out for certain by bringing in our team at CP Bat Mitigation. We will identify if you are having a problem and help you remove these pests. Specifically, we will address entry points and utilize a one-way gate so that bats can leave your home but won’t be able to get back indoors.

Reach out to CP Bat Mitigation and find out more about humane residential bat removal in Omaha. Let us help you find a permanent solution to these pests in Omaha.

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