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The Ultimate Guide To Sioux Falls Bat Control: Tips And Tricks

Brown bat clinging to a stone wall.

Bats are interesting animals. The only mammals that fly, bats are incredibly important to our ecosystem while also being a major problem when they get into our Sioux Falls homes. This guide can help you make sure your house stays bat-free and ensure you get the services you need for bat control in Sioux Falls.

How Bats Get Into Sioux Falls Homes

When it comes to a bat infestation, you might wonder, “How do bats get in the house in the first place? Surely I’d notice if one flew inside.”

Unfortunately, it’s quite easy for bats to get into your Sioux Falls home without being noticed. Because of their small size, bats can fit through holes that are very small, even as small as a dime. That means that any space around your house can be exploited by bats to gain access to the interior of your house. A gap in your siding, an open window, or an uncapped chimney are all areas bats can utilize to get into your home.

Common Areas Where Bats Infest

As nocturnal animals, bats spend their nights flying around in search of food and their days resting in their roosts. When outdoors, bats can be found in a variety of locations. Some bats prefer to roost on tree branches, while others look for tree hollows. Many bats like to live in caves, and most bats try to find enclosed spaces to rest.

When they get into your house, bats are most likely to be found in your attic or wall voids. These areas provide them with a safe, secluded place to roost. If you think you might have a bat problem, there are some signs of bats in the attic that you can look for to identify a bat infestation. 

You may hear the bats, especially in the evening or early morning. They make squeaking noises, and you might hear them scuffling around. Another sign of bats is finding bat guano in the areas where they roost. Finally, if you find a bat in any of your living spaces, it’s likely that more bats are somewhere in your house.

How Professional Bat Mitigation Works

If you have a bat problem, it’s important for the health of your family and the safety of your home that you get rid of it as quickly as possible. Professional bat mitigation near you is your best bet for total bat control and prevention. It works in a two-step process that includes mitigation and exclusion. A one-way door is installed using one of the entry points that bats are already using to access your house. This door allows the bats to leave your house but does not allow them to get back inside. 

Once every bat is out of your house, exclusion services are performed to seal any entry points around your home. By ensuring all entry points are sealed, you can be certain that bats will not return to your house.

Why You Should Always Trust The Professionals For Bats In Sioux Falls

If you’re considering getting rid of your bat infestation on your own, it’s a good idea to rethink your plan. Professional bat control and exclusion is a safer and more effective alternative. Bat control specialists are specially trained in the safe and humane mitigation of bats, as well as the high-quality exclusion techniques needed to keep them out of your house in the future. This ensures that you don’t get injured or sick while trying to control bats, and it ensures that every last bat is out of your house.

Professional bat removal services from CP Bat Mitigation are just a phone call away. We will tailor a bat mitigation plan to your home’s unique bat control needs. Our 30 years of service and experience allow us to work with precision and confidence. Contact us today to get rid of your bat problem for good.

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