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The Surprising Truth About Bat Mythology And Folklore In Omaha

Tiny flying brown bat licking a bent flower in mid flight.

Around the world, many myths and legends about bats have become part of global culture. Some cultures think they're good. Some cultures think they're bad. But wherever you fall on the spectrum of opinions about bats, bat control in Omaha may end up being necessary to protect your home and family from these fascinating but potentially dangerous animals. 

Bats Feature In Many Myths, Legends, And Folklore

Cultures around the world view bats differently. Some cultures associate them with death and the underworld, while others view them as good omens. For example, in Chinese folklore, bats are symbols of good luck and blessing, while in parts of Eastern Europe, they have been traditionally viewed as omens of ill fortune and death. 

In many parts of the globe, bats are also said to have shape-shifting abilities. The most famous shape-shifting bat is likely Bram Stoker's Dracula, a vampire who could shift from the form of a man to the form of a bat at will. 

The Truth About The Habits And Behaviors Of Bats

The truth about bats in Omaha is a lot less fantastical. These flying mammals are vital to the environment because of their feeding habits. Many bats feed on fruit and nectar, making them important pollinators. Other bat species feed on insects, which can help keep pests away from crops and reduce the populations of parasitic insects like mosquitoes. 

Bats are also extremely intelligent and emotional animals that form strong attachments to their offspring, their mates, and their colonies. For this reason, humane bat control is important. Bats are clever and loving creatures that are vital to the environment, so we shouldn’t harm them, but that doesn't mean you need or want them in your house.

Bats Won't Bring Good Fortune To Your Home

Bats can cause big problems in your home. The main issue with a bat colony roosting inside your house is that they spread disease. Of course, they are known to spread rabies because they can contract it just like any other mammal. But there is another much more common disease you have to worry about from bats: histoplasmosis. 

Histoplasmosis is spread in bat guano. Bats roosting in your attic will leave droppings that contain the spores of the fungus that causes this disease, and you will breathe them in. Most of the time, histoplasmosis clears up on its own. But it can rarely lead to hospitalization and even death. For this reason, you should always take bat control seriously. 

Contact Us For Safe And Humane Bat Control Services

Trying to do your own bat control can be dangerous because it can lead to histoplasmosis exposure or even bat bites that require rabies vaccination. For this reason, you should always trust trained bat control specialists in Omaha with all your bat removal needs. 

Here at CP Bat Mitigation, our bat control products are meant to humanely force bats to move out of your home on their own. Our one-way doors allow bats to leave your home, but once they're gone, they cannot return. This compels them to seek shelter in other areas besides your house.

When we come out to your house, we will seal up all the entry points bats are using to get into your home. We will then choose one entry point to cover with our one-way door. When bats exit to feed, they find they cannot get back in. This typically allows your bat problem to resolve itself within a few weeks. 

Allowing egress and preventing ingress is actually the best way to control bats because it effectively removes them from your property without harming the colony or any of the individual bats in it. So don't wait. Call CP Bat Mitigation for humane bat control today.

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