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How To Identify A Bat Problem On Your Sioux Falls Property And What To Do About It

Tiny brown bat on someone's finger.

If bat control in Sioux Falls isn't already part of your home maintenance plan, it should be. These tiny flying mammals might be cute to look at and pretty in the night sky, but they can be both destructive to your property and hazardous to your health when roosting in your home. 

Types Of Bats That Commonly Invade Sioux Falls Properties

We have quite a few different types of bats in Sioux Falls, but the ones you are most likely to find roosting on your property are the little brown bat and the big brown bat.

Despite their size differences, the little brown bat and the big brown bat are not that easy to distinguish from one another if they are not side by side. But there are a few clues you can look for to determine which of these bats you have on your property. Coloring is a big indicator of the species. Big brown bats are dark brown or reddish-brown in color, while little brown bats are tan or light brown. Big brown bats also have much larger ears in proportion to their heads than little brown bats. 

Signs You Have A Bat Problem On Your Property

If you have a bat problem on your property, it is not always as easy to spot as you might think. It's easy to see bats flying around in the sky and not know where they are coming from, and they typically go back to roost before most humans get out of bed. Thus, you'll need to look for signs of their presence besides seeing them coming in and out. Signs include:

  • Squeaking sounds in your ceiling or walls

  • Stains on windows or ceilings

  • Visible guano

  • A strong ammonia smell in your home

  • Holes in your attic or under your roof

If you start seeing these signs, it is important to get an inspection by trained bat control specialists right away to deal with the problem before it gets any worse. 

Contact The Bat Removal Experts At The First Sign Of A Problem

Trying to do your own bat control can be a huge problem. Not only will a bite from a bat necessitate a round of painful and expensive rabies shots, but trying to eliminate bats without the proper safety equipment can result in histoplasmosis exposure. 

Then, there is the issue of humane bat control. Bats are intelligent and deeply emotional creatures, and this is why it's important to try to avoid harming them when eradicating them from your house. However, eliminating a bat infestation without harming the bats can be difficult for untrained homeowners to accomplish. 

That's where CP Bat Mitigation comes in. Our bat control products are designed to allow bats to leave your home while preventing them from coming back in. This forces them to seek shelter elsewhere but does not harm them. That makes our bat control process best for you and the bats. 

Things You Can Do To Prevent Bats Around Your Home

Residential bat control in Sioux Falls should start with prevention, not cure. So you will want to do everything to prevent an infestation from establishing itself. The best way to do this is to physically block bats' entry. Install caps on chimneys and over ventilation holes to prevent bats from roosting inside your air vents. You will also want to seal up any other potential entrances that bats could use to access your attic or the small spaces underneath your roof.

Remember that it's important to install these items before you have a bat problem. If you already have a bat problem, call the experts here at CP Bat Mitigation.

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