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Bats In The Attic In The Winter Months: What Every Homeowner In Sioux Falls Ought To Know

Brown bat hanging from a concrete attic ceiling.

Are bats driving you batty here in Sioux Falls? They do have the innate ability to cause problems. As bad as bats are, however, they are not bad enough to deserve harm. At CP Bat Mitigation, we believe in a humane approach to deal with these invasive creatures.

Call our team now if you would like our immediate help removing an active nest from your attic. Keep reading to learn more about the bats near your home or to learn about your options for bat exclusion and mitigation in Sioux Falls. We have everything you need to know about these local and problematic pests.

Hibernation Habits Of Local Bats

One of the biggest reasons bats invade homes here in Sioux Falls is to stay comfortable during the winter months. Warm attics are a great place to hibernate. The good news is that bats are not terribly noisy during the winter months. The bad news is that they quickly become a big problem in the spring and fall as they start to move around and reproduce.

In fact, females have the ability to delay fertilization until this time. This means that almost all bat babies occur between the months of May and July. To avoid your infestation growing worse, you need to consider your options for bat mitigation and bat control. 

Bats Hibernating In The Attic Can Be Problematic

Bats are a problem for many reasons. While these pests are hanging out in your attic during the winter months, they will not cause as many problems. This is because they will not be defecating as regularly or active enough to threaten you or your family with bites. If you disturb them, however, they might become more active and problematic.

Rabies is a big threat that comes with bats. They spread this virus through their saliva and bites. Bats are especially good at transmitting rabies because of their ability to survive the virus. Another big threat comes with bat droppings. Bat droppings can contain harmful bacteria and pathogens. They can also lead to the creation of fungal spores that lead to histoplasmosis. This is a disease that can be contracted by simply breathing. 

All The Ways Bats Can Find Their Way Inside During The Winter

Typically, bats invade homes before the winter months. If it is a particularly warm season, however, they might invade late. If this is the case, they might find their way into your home by doing these things.

  • Flying down your chimney.

  • Squeezing through a gap in your roofline.

  • Flying in through an open or damaged window.

  • Crawling in through a hole in your roof.

  • Using an unprotected vent to get into your attic.

To make sure these pests cannot get into your home, you should look into your options for bat prevention and exclusion. We have amazing offerings for this at CP Bat Mitigation. 

Leave The Bat Removal Process To The Experts

We do not want to hurt bats, but we don’t want these pests inside your home. Fortunately, we have found methods that relocate these leathery invaders without threatening their health.

The main method we use involves sealing entry points but leaving one available. By installing a one-way gate at this point, we can allow bats to leave your home but prevent their return. This process is comprehensive and works wonders to help homeowners find freedom from bats. Reach out to our team at CP Bat Mitigation to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Sioux Falls and find out how our team can help you deal with these pests.

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