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Bat Prevention And Control: A Guide For Omaha Homeowners

Bat hanging upside down with concrete behind him.

Bats are arguably one of the most problematic creatures known to invade Omaha's homes. These flying creatures don´t like to hang around humans, but that doesn't stop them from invading attics and storage buildings. And once a family of bats has moved into your home, you have to be extremely careful when getting rid of them. 

In Nebraska, not just anyone can exclude bats from a home. At CP Bat Mitigation, we have a team of bat mitigation experts who have been providing safe and effective bat control in Omaha for decades. If you want to keep bats away from your home, we know all the steps you should take. 

Identifying Bat Entry Points: Tips For Locating Bat Access Points

Bats like to live in large groups and commonly roost inside hollow-out trees and other natural areas. However, with many natural habitats getting knocked down and replaced with homes, these creatures are becoming more commonly found in residential areas. 

They like to hunt at night, so finding a safe place to sleep during the day is crucial. Many bats will enter through small gaps or vents in the attic area of the home. They also sneak in through gaps in window screens as well as chimneys. 

If you have any gaps or entry points around your home that are at least a half-inch wide, a bat could use it as an entrance. If you see any scuff marks or bat droppings around the potential openings in your home, you should contact a professional residential bat control specialist in Omaha and let them take a look. 

Health Considerations In Bat Control: Hazards And Precautions

While bats are capable of spreading dangerous diseases, like rabies, the chances of transmitting any illness from a bat are relatively low. Despite popular folklore, bats don't want to bite people, and they don't eat human blood. However, they can bite if you try to grab one or get too close to it. 

The real danger of a bat infestation comes from the bat droppings or guano that they tend to leave behind. Bats will usually live in groups of a dozen or more. If you have more than one bat leaving their droppings in your attic, over time, the weight from the guano pile can be so heavy that it can cause your ceiling to sink or cause other structural damage. Calling a professional bat exterminator at the first sign of a bat invasion is the best way to keep you and your home safe from these animals. 

Natural Deterrents: Using Scents To Repel Bats From Your Home

Bat exclusion is the best way to protect your home. While only a professional bat extermination team can mitigate your bat problem, anyone can use different natural repellents to try and deter them from coming to your property. Some of the most common scents that bats are known to dislike are 

  • Eucalyptus oil

  • Mothballs 

  • Peppermint oil. 

If you place these near the entry points of your home, you have a greater chance of repelling these destructive creatures. However, you should call a local bat control expert for help if they have already found a way into your home. 

Safe And Effective Bat Control Made Easy: Contact The Professionals

Don't put your health at risk. If you suspect that you have bats living in your Omaha home, you should call our professionals at CP Bat Mitigation. We specialize in bat exclusion and bat control in Omaha. All bats need a home, but just not yours. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

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