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All The Ways Bats Can Be Problematic For Omaha Homeowners

Grey bat resting on wood surface

You are probably familiar with many of the pests that invade homes here in Omaha. Some are vigilant in their efforts to steal food from your pantries, countertops, and kitchen tables, which make them easy to identify. Others prefer to stay hidden. This is the case for bats. Just because these leathery creatures like to stay out of sight, however, does not mean they are not still a big problem.

We are going to take some time today to talk about the main problems bats cause for homeowners in Omaha and offer some options to get and keep these pests out of your interior spaces. Call our team at CP Bat Mitigation to learn about our bat control offerings. We will walk you through our process for bat removal in Omaha.

Common Signs You Have A Bat Problem

It is not always easy to know when bats are present inside a home. Thankfully, there are many common clues that might help you identify these pests. Here are a few signs of bats to keep your eyes, ears, and nose out for.

  • The smell of ammonia

  • Droppings in your attic

  • Urine stains on your ceilings

  • Scratching or flapping sounds coming from your attic

  • Bats flying or hanging in your attic

These pests are not harmless. If you would like help identifying different types of bats inside your home, bring in our team for an inspection. We will help you assess what problems you are facing and offer some quick answers to address the issue at hand.

The Health Risks Associated With Bats

Before we talk more about humane bat removal, let’s talk about why these pests are such a big problem when they invade homes. The biggest issue associated with bats is disease. These leathery flyers spread several harmful sickness vectors through their bites and with fecal droppings. In fact, bats are one of the most common vectors for rabies because of their ability to survive while still carrying the virus. They are also known for spreading histoplasmosis through their droppings.

If you would like to stay safe, it is best that you find some method to avoid these pests. We will discuss your options for this in just a bit.

The Structural Damage Caused By Bats

People do not usually associate bats with structural damage. Unlike other local wildlife pests like rats and mice, these flying pests do not chew holes through walls, tear up insulation, or cause any other noticeable damage around main living areas. Attics and storage areas are where the damage they cause tends to occur due to being where they roost.

Specifically, bat droppings eat away at wood and other building materials. This becomes more and more prevalent the more bats there are living in your home. Take some time now to consider your options for bat mitigation to avoid the serious problems these pests cause.

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Bats From Your Home

Getting bats out of a home is not terribly difficult. It does, however, require a certain amount of experience.

Our process involves first sealing all but one potential entry point that bats might be using to get in and out of your home. The one entry point we leave allows these pests to leave. By installing a one-way gate, the bats that leave your home will not be able to come back indoors. If any of these pests do stick around, we have other humane options to get them out. Reach out to CP Bat Mitigation to find out more about our bat exclusion and mitigation services and schedule an appointment for your Omaha home.

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