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Are Professional Bat Mitigation Services A Must-Have In Sioux Falls?

Small brown bat crawling inside a small square hole.

Encounters with bats can be an unsettling experience, especially if you’re scared of them. Fortunately, CP Bat Mitigation provides the best way to control bats in Sioux Falls to keep your living and work surroundings comfortable and safe. Read on to learn more about these flying nuisance animals and why partnering with Sioux Falls bat control specialists is the optimal choice for the most effective bat control for your property.

Spotting Bats In Sioux Falls At Night

In Sioux Falls, it's not uncommon to come across bats at night, especially during the summer months. If you’re someone who likes to go on that early morning or late-night jog, you may see bats out searching for their next insect meal. Another popular place bats tend to visit after dark is around bodies of water, such as the Big Sioux River, where they’re likely to find their primary food source. Parks and green spaces also provide bats with a healthy selection of insects to feast on.

As unsettling of a sight as bats may be, they play an integral role in regulating insect populations, preventing them from getting out of control. But at the same time, they can pose problems for people and pets if they wear out their welcome on your property. As a protected wildlife species, it’s necessary that you contact professionals who specialize in bat control in Sioux Falls to handle them properly for you. 

Rooting Out The Bats' Hiding Spots

Are you no longer interested in coexisting with bats on your property? If so, it's important to deal with them in a safe manner. One of the first steps to finding their hiding spots is to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Look for areas where bats can gain entry, such as gaps in the eaves, loose or missing shingles, or open vents. You may even notice droppings in areas where bats roost. If so, do not come into contact with the material, as it’s highly toxic.

When you've identified breaches and bat entry points, you can take the appropriate measures to seal them up to prevent bats from gaining access into your home or business. But it's essential to ensure no bats still remain inside. Exclusionary procedures should always be conducted by experienced wildlife specialists. Therefore, contact CP Bat Mitigation for professional bat exclusion services. We install one-way devices specially designed to allow bats to leave but not reenter the structure, ridding you of your bat problem in a safe and humane manner.

Tips And Tricks To Humanely Deter Bats In Sioux Falls

Discouraging bat activity around your property can be done in a humane and safe way using the following tips and tricks: 

  • Seal entry points to prevent bats from entering your home.

  • Plant bat-repelling herbs on your property, such as echinacea or citronella.

  • Install bright lights and use loud noises near potential roosting spots to prevent bats from sticking around.

  • Hang up highly reflective objects, such as mirrors, aluminum foil, or even old CDs to discourage bat activity. 

But for the most reliable form of residential bat control, always consult with professionals, especially if you're uncertain about how to humanely deter bats from your property. They’ll advise you and assist with developing an appropriate action plan for your situation.

Let The Pros Help With Bat Mitigation

If you suspect that bats have taken up residence in or around your property, it's best to leave the job of bat mitigation to the pros and contact CP Bat Mitigation. Our specialists have the background, training, and skills to safely rid bats from your property. We have access to the latest equipment and other resources to accurately identify bat entry points and block them off. We also ensure that the entire process is done in compliance with state laws and regulations. Contact us today!

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