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The Benefits Of Professional Bat Mitigation Services For Omaha Homes

Small brown bat clinging onto a rock wall.

In Nebraska, bats are a protected species. If bats ever find their way to your property, it is essential to contact an Omaha bat control expert specializing in bat mitigation. Many rules and regulations are associated with bat mitigation to protect people and bats. Never try to get rid of bats from your home on your own; reach out to CP Bat Mitigation for the best bat mitigation services in Omaha!

Understands Bat Conservation Laws in Omaha

Bat conservation laws in Omaha had to be put into place to protect these eco-important creatures. In our region, bats primarily feed on insects. Their ability to consume hundreds to thousands of insects each day helps to control their populations and stop insects from overtaking our outdoor spaces. In addition to insects, they feed on plant nectar and aid in pollinating many different plants and trees.

Loss of natural habitat and disease are the two biggest reasons that species of bats have declined to worrisome levels. To help bat populations improve, laws have been enacted.

Conservation laws for bats include that:

  • No person is allowed to harm bats.
  • Only certain people are allowed to catch and relocate bats.
  • There are stringent regulations on exclusion methods, including the time of year and ensuring no babies are present.

Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we understand these laws and are committed to helping people and bats in the safest way possible.

Cares About The Safety Of Your Family And Property

While we care about bats and understand how beneficial they are and that we need to protect them, we also know that they can be dangerous and destructive pests. There are places where bats belong and places where they don’t, like your attic, chimney, or garage.

While bats benefit the environment and play essential roles as predators and pollinators, they are unwanted pests in our homes. Some of the reasons why bats are problematic in our Ohama homes include the following:

  • Bats can acquire and spread dangerous diseases to people, including deadly rabies.
  • Their feces contain a fungus that can cause a histoplasmosis infection in people. 
  • The build-up of their feces causes unpleasant odors and staining.
  • Bats in our houses cause structural damage.

Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we value protecting people's safety and their property's value. We serve the people of Omaha and, through our bat mitigation services, help homeowners safely and humanely remove unwanted bats. Don’t share your property with bats a day longer than necessary; reach out today to learn about our residential or commercial bat mitigation process.

Experienced Bat Mitigation Devices And Techniques

Because of the strict laws that have been put into place, it is vital that you partner with an experienced bat pest control professional to get rid of unwanted bats. No chemicals are currently approved for bat control, and strict regulations exist for exclusion methods.

To control bats and get them out of your Omaha home, we will inspect your home for entry points. Then we will seal all of the entry points except for one. In the one entry point that is left open, we install an exclusion device that allows bats to leave but not return. To ensure your property's bat issues are solved, we will provide a follow-up visit six to eight weeks after the initial visit. 

For more information about the best residential bat control services in Omaha and how we can work together to solve your Omaha property's bat problems, reach out today.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Bat Mitigation Services

CP Bat Mitigation is here to provide you with humane bat control that you can trust. We are committed to our customers, the bats in our region, and helping to maintain a healthy relationship between both. Our professionals will safely and legally handle unwanted bats on your property, taking back your home from these destructive pests and allowing them to move to a more appropriate habitat. Please get in touch with us today for more information about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha.

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