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What To Do If You’re Seeing Bats Flying Around Your Sioux Falls Property

Three large brown bats flying across trees during the day.

The presence of bats is not an indication that your home is infested; they may just be passing through or looking for food and shelter. However, if the bats seem to be roosting on your property, then it could be a sign of a larger problem requiring bat control efforts. In this case, the Sioux Falls pest control experts at CP Bat Mitigation can help with the safe and humane relocation of bats.

Three Interesting Facts About Bats

Bats are unique animals that have some characteristics which set them apart from other mammals. Three of these are:

  1. They are the only mammal capable of true flight, making them agile and able to travel long distances in search of food or habitat. 
  2. Bats also use echolocation to navigate, producing high-frequency sounds to help the bat to locate insects, other bats, and obstacles. 
  3. Most species of bats live in colonies, with hundreds to thousands of bats inhabiting a single cave system at one time.

These characteristics make bats highly valuable members of their ecosystems as well as fascinating creatures to study. 

How Bats Can Be Problematic For Property Owners

Bats can be a nuisance that requires the use of a company that specializes in bat pest control. Bats cause problems such as noise and odor, accumulating droppings, damaging insulation, or entering living spaces. Bats can also spread diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis. Additionally, bat infestations can lead to costly repairs, such as structural damage to the property or the removal of contaminated materials. Taking preemptive measures as soon as possible is important in order to protect yourself from potential health hazards caused by bats. Contact a bat control company near you, like CP Bat Mitigation, to help you address your bat problems safely and effectively. Doing so can help you avoid costly problems in the future and ensure your property is well protected.

Why Bats Are Attracted To Your Property

Bats are naturally attracted to properties that provide them with a safe and hospitable environment. The presence of structures such as trees, shrubs, buildings, or attics can also be attractive to certain species of bats. Properties that offer the following are attractive to all species of bats:

  • Food sources such as moths, beetles, and flies. Bats use their incredible sense of smell to locate potential prey from far distances away.
  • Bodies of water provide a source of hydration which is essential for keeping bats healthy while they hunt during long nights.
  • Shelter that protects bats from predators such as owls and hawks is essential to enable bats to rest all day.

All species of bats have specific needs in order to survive in any given location. Understanding why they are attracted to your property will help protect your home from potential damage caused by their presence. 

Contact Us For Humane And Effective Bat Control

CP Bat Mitigation is a family-owned business with 17+ years of bat mitigation experience. We understand that a bat problem can be an intimidating experience. That’s why our certified bat control specialists are here to provide you with the answers, advice, and solutions necessary for a successful resolution. We have the latest techniques and technology available to safely relocate bats away from your home without harming them in any way. Our team uses humane bat control products designed to prevent future bat infestations. Contact us today for a free inspection, and we’ll get started immediately.

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