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Health Hazards Associated With Bats In Sioux Falls

Three large brown bats flying across trees during the day.

There is a lot that you might not have considered about bats. One question on many people's minds is whether or not bats are dangerous. We would like to answer this question today and offer some information to help you better understand these local pests. We would also like to provide some helpful tips and tricks that work to deter bats before they decide to settle onto your property. If that is what you are here for, keep reading. Contact our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you are more interested to hear about bat mitigation in Sioux Falls or if you are ready to make an appointment to relocate these pests away from your property. 

Bats Are Largely Immune To Their Own Viruses

Bats are fascinating creatures for many reasons. For instance, did you know these mammals consume insects by the bucket full at night? It's true. They are one of the greatest sources of natural pest control around. Bats are also almost immune to the viruses they carry and spread, such as rabies. Where most creatures eventually succumb to this condition, bats rarely die when they contract this disease. While this is good for them, it's not so good for you. Let's discuss the diseases these pests spread and why you do not want them in your home or business.

Rabies And Other Dangerous Diseases Bats Are Known To Spread

The world knows bats for the many diseases they carry and spread. In many places around the globe, these flying pests are considered extremely dangerous for this reason. Here in the United States, bats are still dangerous, just not to the same extent, mostly because the diseases they spread are more limited. The two main sicknesses that bats transmit in the U.S. are rabies and histoplasmosis. Other illnesses spread through the parasitic pests that bats carry, such as ticks, include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and murine typhus. The best way to avoid these sicknesses is to avoid all of these pests and clean up bat droppings in your attic before they can get you sick. We will talk more in a bit about how to control bats in your attic and what our bat control looks like. 

Simple And Effective Bat Prevention Tips

Before we talk more about bat control near you, you should have some tools to prevent these pests effectively. Here are some tips and tricks to start with:

  • Make sure to seal all of your windows and doors properly and that they have untorn screens if you plan on keeping them open.
  • Repair damage to your building's exterior.
  • Invest in a rodent-proof cap for your building's chimney.

For more help with bat control in your area, do not hesitate to involve our team at CP Bat Mitigation. We have everything you need to identify, relocate, and prevent these sometimes harmful creatures.

It's Best To Call The Professionals When Dealing With Bats

We do not dislike bats. However, we dislike bats invading homes and businesses in our area. For this reason, we focus on mitigation over elimination. Our process works by sealing off all the entry points bats are using to get into your building while leaving just one open. For this entry point, we install a one-way gate that allows these local creatures a way out and prevents them from coming back in.

Reach out to our team at CP Bat Mitigation for more information about our humane bat control and find out why we are right for the job at hand.

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