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Omaha Property Owners Guide To Effective Bat Prevention And Control

Group of small brown bats hanging from wooden beams.

There are several ways you might become aware of a bat problem in your Omaha home. Some people have the unfortunate experience of finding a bat in their house. Others discover bat droppings either in their house, in their attic, or around the outside of their property. It’s also possible to become aware of bats by hearing scratching or squeaking sounds coming from your attic or walls.

No matter how you discover the problem, one thing remains the same. If you have a bat problem, you need bat bat control in Omaha that effectively and efficiently eliminates your bat problem. Although bats are important to our environment, they do not belong in your home because they can cause problems once inside. For effective bat prevention and control, CP Bat Mitigation is the company to call. We have years of experience solving bat problems for Omaha home and business owners.

Types Of Bats That Commonly Invade Omaha Properties

Although there are at least 12 bat species in the Omaha area, most of those species do not live in inhabited areas. Only three types of bats live near structures. These include red bats, which live primarily in trees, large brown bats, and small brown bats. The latter two species are the ones that are most likely to get into your Omaha home or business.

Both large brown bats and small brown bats only eat flying insects. They can eat thousands of bugs in a single hour, which makes them quite beneficial if you have a large mosquito population on your property. Small brown bats grow to about four inches in length at the most, and large brown bats top out around five inches in length. Their large wingspan of up to 12 inches makes them appear much larger.

The Problems Bats Can Create Around A Property

If bats were simply a nuisance, you might be able to deal with them getting into your home or business. However, there are certain problems they cause that make it important for you to keep your structure free of bats. First, their droppings can be dangerous. Bat droppings, which are called guano, can grow a dangerous fungus disease called Histoplasma. If the fungal spores become airborne, they can be breathed in and cause a serious, sometimes deadly, illness.

Bats can also carry rabies, which is something no one wants to contract. Although this is rare, there have been bats in the Omaha area that have tested positive for rabies.

How To Identify Factors That Attract Bats

Because they are dangerous to your health, you don’t want bats getting into your house. Knowing what factors attract bats to your property can help keep that property free of bats. These factors can include:

  • Having a large insect population, such as mosquitoes, on your property.
  • Having a fresh water supply.
  • Having entry points that bats can use to get into your house.

If these factors are present, it’s more likely that bats will end up in your house. Knowing the signs of bats in the attic can help you determine if bats are present. These signs include hearing sounds in your attic and finding bat droppings in your attic.

The Most Effective Bat Control Solution For Omaha Properties

Once you know you have a bat problem, you’ll want to know how to get rid of bats in the attic. The best bat control in Omaha is available from CP Bat Mitigation. We have over 30 years of experience mitigating bats from homes and businesses, and we know the most effective way to do so. Our services are safe and humane, while ensuring that your bat problem does not persist. If you need pest control for bats, contact CP Bat Mitigation today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha.

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