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Effective Bat Mitigation Strategies: Safely And Humanely Mitigating Bats In Omaha | CP Bat Mitigation

Three small brown bats hanging upside down from a wooden ceiling.

If you’re wondering about bat mitigation strategies for pest control in Omaha, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on why bat control is so tricky, why you shouldn’t try to handle it yourself, and, most importantly, how we can help you out with your bat problem. Let’s get into some effective bat mitigation strategies for the Omaha area.

Why Bats In Omaha Need Professional Mitigation To Safely Remove

Mitigating bats from homes and other structures is difficult work, especially because the goal is always to use humane bat control. The federal government has made it very clear that many bat species are protected by law, so bats can’t be treated like other types of pests.

Because some traditional pest control methods aren’t an option, we have to use innovative strategies to encourage bats to leave human-built structures and stay away from them for the long term. This is one of the biggest reasons why bats need to be dealt with professionally. This brings us to some of the most important dos and don’ts of bat mitigation.

Dos And Don'ts Of Bat Mitigation

Here are some quick and simple guidelines to keep in mind if you have bats in your Omaha home:

  • Do: Keep a safe distance from any bats that you see in or around your home. 
  • Do: Contact a local bat mitigation company. 
  • Do: Keep your pets and children away from areas in your home where you know bats are present. 
  • Don’t: Attempt to capture bats roosting in your home.
  • Don’t: Use standard pest control traps or sprays on a bat infestation. 
  • Don’t: Let a bat infestation continue for days or weeks at a time. 

Please keep these in mind until your bat infestation is resolved. 

Why DIY Bat Mitigation Is Never Recommended

Just in case you’re still considering a do-it-yourself approach to solving your bat problem, here are a few other factors that should discourage you from going through with these plans:

  • Bats may attack if they feel threatened, and a bite from a rabid bat can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Bats may be harmed in the process. Multiple bat species are protected by federal regulations, so harming them could result in fines, or worse. 
  • If you scare bats in your home, they may retreat to an area that’s even harder to access, making the problem worse. 

There are so many reasons not to attempt bat mitigation by yourself and so many reasons to work with professionals instead.

How The Professionals Safely Mitigate Bats From Omaha Properties

Simply the best way to safely handle bats is to look for bat control near you. At CP Bat Mitigation, we have a team of highly experienced bat control specialists who can find the best possible solution for your specific situation and the unique qualities of your home.

It all starts with a visit, which gives us the chance to scope out your home and gather as much information as possible about the infestation. It’s especially useful to share with us how bats are entering and exiting your home. If you haven’t discovered this location already, you can watch the exterior of the house in the early evening, when the bats will be waking up and getting ready to head outside.

From there, we can take early steps to begin the bat mitigation process. In most cases, bat mitigation takes time, but we have honed our techniques with experience and we can successfully get the bats to leave your home and prevent them from returning.

Contact us today, either by phone or online, and we can share even more information about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha.

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