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What Am I Doing Wrong The Bats Are Back

Group of small dark bats huddled together between wooden beams.

You were doing a victory dance; the professionals came in, did an inspection, and the bats were all gone! Finally, you felt like you could breathe. No longer did you have to share your home with loud, winged mammals. But some months have passed, and you have noticed a familiar noise coming from the attic again.

Anyone who has previously had bats in their home knows the sounds, smells, and sights that let you know that bats have once again taken up residence in your attic. And now the other part has just hit you. What about the cost of bat removal from the attic a second time?

Bats love to hide in areas that are dark and secluded. So if you have an area in your home that fits this description, it will be alluring to bats. Common places for bats to hide in your home are the attic, the roofline, chimneys, wall voids, and the garage. Even if you got rid of bats in your home a year ago or months ago, bat colonies are always on the search to find a dark place of shelter.

Whether you have found a bat colony hanging out in your home again or this is the first time that you encounter them, there are multiple ways that you can get bats out of your home. You may have spent a lot of time and money trying to get rid of the bats yourself the last time and are now faced with the thought of doing it again. If you are going through this again, it’s time to call a pro.

Why Are The Bats Back?

Bats returning to your attic after being removed happens for one simple reason: because they could. It’s not only important to remove the bat colony this time but to make sure they don’t return. There are three ways to do this:

  • Bat repellents: This method is when you use something irritating like mothballs, loud noises, or lights to make the area uncomfortable for the bats to live in. But in the amount you would need to annoy a colony, mothballs can be very risky for humans to breathe. And lights and loud noises may not be enough to keep them away. Bottom line: it might work, but probably not.
  • Bat traps: A bat trap is a viable option if you need to catch a few. And once you do catch some bats, what are you going to do with them? Handling wildlife safely takes specialized training and guidance. And many bats are protected, so accidentally killing one could have legal repercussions. Bottom line: not for the faint of heart.
  • Bat exclusion: Exclusion is the best method for getting and keeping bats out of your attic. Devices are placed at the bats’ entrance into your attic or other space so that they can exit but are not able to get back in. This is the best ending to your bat removal story since keeping them out is a lot safer for you, the bats, and the ecosystem. Bottom line: this is the way to go.

When bat removal is done correctly, making sure the bats don’t come back is part of finishing the job.  The quick overview of the three methods mentioned above gives you the information you need to choose the right option. Professional removal and exclusion keep them from returning and is the best way of getting the job done from beginning to end.

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional And Understanding The Cost

You’ve probably researched how to get rid of bats in your attic. You may have spent quite a bit of money, time, and effort, but here they are again. It’s likely you’ve already seen the advice to hire a professional. Let’s look at a few more reasons to do so and then examine the cost of bat removal in different situations.

  1. Experience makes a big difference. Someone who knows how bats behave knows what to do to keep them safely in the wild and out of your attic.
  2. Professionals already have the proper tools they need for the job, making removal a quicker, safer process for them.
  3. Pros are aware of the diseases that bats can carry and leave behind. They know not only how to protect themselves but also how to decontaminate your attic to protect you and your family.
  4. Pros know how to safely and legally remove bats from your home to protect the ecosystem.
  5. Professionals can get the job done right the first time.

Before you let the cost of bat removal stop you from hiring a qualified expert to do it correctly, consider the following ideas about this comprehensive service:

  • Bat removal is a very specialized job that comes with substantial liability risks. It needs special licensing to remain compliant with state rules.
  • You aren’t going to get good, proper bat control service for cheap. A low price tag likely means a poor job which usually leads to you needing a repeat, higher-cost bat removal later.
  • Every bat removal job is unique. Some may be simple, thereby costing less. Others are more involved and come at a higher cost.

The cost of having bats removed from your attic, especially a second time, can be frustrating.  But in the long run, it is cheaper and less time-consuming, as well as legal and safe for the animals, to let a pro do the job the first time. There is no reason to put yourself or the bats in harm’s way, even to the point of legal problems or illness.

Bats are worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping the insect population down. But they are a nuisance and health hazard when they live in our homes. If they have returned, the method used to remove them the first time was not complete. The cost of bat removal from attics is different with every case, but if you hire a professional the first time, you can save yourself the cost of doing it twice.

Do you want it done right the first time? Call a Pro.

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