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You Can’t Let The Bats In Your Omaha Attic Stay

Two brown bats hanging upside down from the attic ceiling.

There are all kinds of pests that get into Omaha homes, and bats are part of that list. But bats are unique because the treatment process must be done a certain way. You need bat control in Omaha that you can rely on, and that’s where CP Bat Mitigation comes in. Our bat mitigation services and methods are proven to be effective, humane, and safe to use around the home.

There Are Laws In Omaha To Protect Bats

There are 13 species of bats in Nebraska, and some of them are considered endangered or at-risk. Bat populations are declining due to habitat loss and disease, affecting the ecosystem. Bats are pollinators, they carry seeds, and they control insect populations. So, Nebraska has laws in place to protect bats as much as possible. This means it’s illegal to kill bats, and any bat control must be done humanely.

Fortunately, there are licensed professionals who can mitigate bat issues around Omaha homes safely and legally.

Why You Can’t Let The Bats Stay In Your Attic

You might think that if bat mitigation is such a hassle, why not just let the bats stay? Unfortunately, these are wild animals, and there are risks that come along with their presence. Bats are not aggressive, but they might bite if they’re handled or threatened. Bats are occasionally carriers of rabies, which is a serious concern. Bat droppings can cause multiple issues. They contain histoplasmosis fungus, which can lead to flu-like or more severe symptoms in some people. Bat droppings also contain acids that can eat through wood and metal, leading to property damage.

It’s important to be aware of the signs of a bat infestation. They leave their roosts at dusk to find food, returning at dawn. You’re most likely to see them at these times as they come and go. You might hear scratching or chirping sounds from areas where the bats live, such as the attic or chimney. And, of course, you’ll find dark, crumbly bat droppings.

How Bats Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Bats get inside buildings through small openings—holes in the walls, spaces under doors, open chimneys. Some bat species hibernate during colder months and often move into houses and other buildings for this. Although bats in the wild find shelter in trees or caves, they’ll move into homes when they’re in cities and suburbs.

Keeping bats out of your home means eliminating entry points and finding ways to repel bats. Follow these steps to prevent bats from entering your home:

  • Repair any holes in the walls
  • Install door sweeps
  • Place lights around vulnerable areas of your home, such as the attic and chimney
  • Screen attic vents and chimney openings

Covering any holes in the walls and screening other openings can take away entry points from bats, as can door sweeps. Bright lights also keep bats away since they prefer dark areas.

When it comes to bat mitigation, prevention is important. But taking care of a bat infestation requires a professional team, both because of the bat protection laws and the risks to your health.

Contact Us About The Bats In Your Attic

Regarding bat mitigation, you need to trust the company you’re working with. CP Bat Mitigation has decades of experience with humane bat control, making us the best option for Omaha homes. Our service visits begin with an inspection, looking for entry points and other aspects that could affect the infestation. We seal all entry points except one, where we place our bat mitigation device. This device makes the opening one-way, so bats can leave but not come back in. Then we come back after a few weeks to make sure the bats are gone. If not, we’ll continue our services at no additional cost to you. We guarantee that with our methods, your home will be free of bats for good.

Call CP Bat Mitigation today to learn more about our residential and commercial bat mitigation services in Omaha.

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