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Understanding Bat Behavior And Biology In Sioux Falls

Small brown bat lying on a rough light-stoned surface.

For most homeowners, bats can seem like nothing more than a nuisance. While they can certainly damage your property and put your health at risk, they're one of the more important animals in South Dakota. They help control insect populations and can even help pollinate plants and spread seeds. But finding them in your home isn't something you should dismiss. You'll need to work with a Sioux Falls pest control team to mitigate unwanted bats safely.

But there's more to successful bat mitigation than simply setting a trap and waiting for bats to go inside. Here's what you need to know about the mitigation process and why it requires a much deeper understanding of bat behavior and biology.

Figuring out that you have an infestation is just one part of the greater bat mitigationprocess. The key to successful mitigation is understanding what causes bats to seek out your attic space and other great roosting areas on your property. Without a clear understanding of what bats are looking for, finding every roost on your property will be difficult, if not impossible.

While all bat species are similar, there are a few key differences that can impact what draws them to your home. Experienced professionals know how to identify the types of bats in your home, and understanding which species are on your property can make getting them out easier and faster.

Bat Biology 101: Why They're Such A Problem For Sioux Falls Residents

Bats are incredibly beneficial when they're in the wild, but they can be problematic when they're in your home.

Here's why they're such a huge problem for Sioux Falls residents:

  • When bats roost, they poop, and the weight of their poop can cause damage to your attic and roof structure.
  • Bat feces contain a type of fungi called histoplasmosis. This fungus can cause upper respiratory infections that require medical attention.
  • Though it's rare, bats can carry the rabies virus. If you're exposed to their saliva or get bitten by an infected bat, you may become infected, too. 
  • Bats can and will bite if handled by inexperienced people. Those bites are painful and may expose you to bacteria or put you at risk of infection if left untreated.

Professional bat mitigation services can help you avoid these problems in your home.

How Professional Bat Mitigation Works In Flow With Bat Behavior

Professional Sioux Fall's residential bat control and mitigation involve more than just trapping bats on your property. Instead, it accommodates bat behavior, making the mitigation process more effective and longer-lasting.

At CP Bat Mitigation, our team will install a device that allows bats to exit their roosts on your property but not get back in. They leave of their own accord, which helps reduce the amount of stress the bats are under, ensures they stay healthy, and reduces the risk of injury to their wings.

The less stress bats are under, the healthier they'll stay and the better off the ecosystem will be.

Get Successful Bat Mitigation In Sioux Falls With Help From CP Bat

If you're worried about a bat infestation on your property, don't try to mitigate them yourself. Instead, work with a professional bat mitigation specialist at CP Bat Mitigation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Sioux Falls.

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