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Getting Rid Of Roosting Bats On Your Omaha Property

Small brown bat hanging on a wooden wall.

Discovering bats on your Omaha property is an unpleasant experience. Not only do you have to find a way to get rid of them, but you also have to consider the potential health risks these pests pose to you and your family. If bats are causing problems in or around your property, the technicians from CP Bat Mitigation are here to help. With several years of experience controlling and preventing bat problems, we have what it takes to keep your property protected from these flying pests.

If you’re looking for effective bat control in Omaha, look no further than CP Bat Mitigation. It’s our commitment to provide excellent services you can rely on year-round.

How To Tell If Bats Are Roosting On Your Property

Before you get rid of a bat problem, you first have to realize there is a bat problem on your property. Unfortunately, bats are relatively quiet creatures that only make noise when disturbed from their slumber by a slammed door or other loud noise during the day. This quiet behavior makes bat infestations more difficult to identify than most other common pest infestations. The first indicator of bats living in your home is if you notice bats flying around outside your home during the evening. Another sign bats leave behind in their droppings.

If you start finding bat droppings in your attic, it’s time to contact CP Bat Mitigation for professional help. We have the experience needed to get rid of bats and keep them away in the future. Our bat control specialists are ready to take care of bat problems, so you don’t have to. 

Bats On Your Property Are A Health Hazard

Bats pose a significant health risk to your family. Bat are notorious for leaving their droppings everywhere, especially in the areas they roost. Unfortunately, bat droppings can spread a dangerous respiratory infection called histoplasmosis to humans. In addition, bats are wild animals that may bite you if they feel threatened, which is why it’s unwise to handle a bat infestation on your own. Although rare, bats can spread rabies to humans, which requires immediate medical attention in the case of a bite from an infected bat.

For bat control near you, don’t hesitate to contact CP Bat Mitigation today. 

How To Minimize Factors That Attract Bats To Your Property

One thing everyone should know about bats is that they are nocturnal pests. During the day, they will roost in dry, dark areas, protected from outdoor weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow; this is why bats often choose to infest attic spaces and outbuildings. The best way to avoid attracting bats to your property is by sealing holes, and crevices bats could use to enter your structure. Other prevention methods include:

  • Installing mesh covers on your attic vents
  • Sealing your chimney when not in use
  • Repairing any damage to your shingles or roofline that may allow bats to invade

Defend your property from bats this season with humane bat control services from our skilled technicians at CP Bat Mitigation.

The Best Way To Mitigate Bats From Your Property

Due to the health concerns and potential dangers a bat infestation causes, you shouldn’t try to mitigate an infestation without professional help. The best way to control bats in Omaha is with professional pest management services from a trusted pest control provider like CP Bat Mitigation. We designed our bat exclusion methods to deal with an existing infestation by allowing bats to fly out of your structure but preventing them from re-entering.

Take your property back from bats when you partner with our skilled technicians here at CP Bat Mitigation. We’re ready to provide excellent bat control services that get rid of bats for good.

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