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The Importance Of Bat Mitigation In Omaha: Protecting Your Property And The Environment

Small brown bat crawling down a wooden wall.

The relationship between humans and bats is complicated, especially in highly developed residential areas. Bats are actually extremely useful to humans in more ways than one, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to let bats live in our homes. Here’s our rundown of why bats are important, why it’s important to keep bats away from human structures as much as possible, and why bat mitigation is so important for Omaha pest control. 

Bats: Great For The Environment But Harmful For Omaha Homes

While bats can be seen as pests, they’re actually something close to pest control experts themselves. Bats eat many types of insects, including insects that can cause serious damage to crops, cutting into agricultural revenue and the national food supply. In fact, many bat species are protected by federal law because of their importance to the environment and human society. 

But while bats can help maintain natural ecosystems and protect crops, having bats in the house leads to problems. In general, it’s unsafe for bats to be in your home since there’s always a risk of attracting a rabid bat. Bat droppings can also play host to a certain fungus that can be harmful to humans. Because of the negative impact of bats on homes, bat mitigation is essential for residential areas. 

Why DIY Bat Treatments Can Do More Harm Than Good

Trying to handle bats without training or professional help is not advised. For one, there are the legal restrictions we talked about earlier that protect bats, so if there’s a terrible mistake and bats are harmed in the process of removal, it can be a very serious matter. Also, rabid bats are dangerous to humans, period, and confronting bats in their roosting place increases the chance of an attack. 

Instead of attempting DIY bat treatments for your home, look for bat pest control near you. If you live in the Omaha area, then CP Bat Mitigation will be happy to help. 

Five Eco-Conscious Bat Prevention Tips For Omaha Residents

Humane bat control starts with these prevention tips for your home. If you’ve worked with bat mitigation professionals to get rid of an infestation or you’re not currently dealing with an infestation but just want to think ahead, keep these prevention tips in mind:

  • Close off openings left by electrical conduits or pipes. 

  • Keep doors closed whenever possible and check for openings around the edges of each door. 

  • Look for and seal off even small openings in the exterior of your home, especially near the attic, where many species of bats like to roost. 

  • If you spot bats in your neighborhood at night, pay close attention to their behavior and what parts of nearby houses they seem to be attracted to. This can give you a better idea of how to effectively bat-proof your home. 

You’ll notice that none of these tips involve harming bats or acting aggressively toward bat populations. Rather, these prevention tips make it clear to nearby bats that your home doesn’t offer them the shelter they’re looking for. 

Protect Your Home From Bats Without Negative Impacts To The Ecosystem

If there are bats currently in your home or if you’re looking to be 100% certain that there’s no way for bats to get into your home and invite their friends, then we suggest working with us directly so that we can handle your bat mitigation needs. 

We are well versed in the legal protections that bats have, and we know exactly how to handle a bat infestation safely, ensuring that both your home and the bats are protected. Call us today to get started and to learn more about what we do.

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