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The Ultimate Guide To Bat-Proofing Your Sioux Falls Home

Small brown bat on a light rock surface.

Would you ever hold a bat? Many people would not. This is for good reason. These pests are feared by the general public for their ability to cause harm. They are also creepy to look at. The thing is, however, bats are not all bad. We do not disagree that they do not belong inside area homes, but we would argue that they should be removed rather than harmed.

Here are some things our experts want you to consider about bats and some humane options for bat control in Sioux Falls to consider. Call our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you want us to help you deal with these pests inside your attic, home, or outbuildings. We would be happy to provide assistance. 

Understanding The Bat Populations In The Area

Bats are interesting creatures. For instance, did you know that some local species are considered endangered? This is why many laws exist that protect these creatures.

While this is the case, however, it is also true that bats stick together, often in large groups. You will almost never find just one of these pests inside your home. We have seen instances where hundreds of bats have taken over an attic space. If you decide to ignore the odd sounds coming from above your head, these leathery pests will reproduce and create an even bigger problem. Before we talk more about bat control, let’s talk about some of these problems and discuss why you don’t want these creatures inside your home.

Why Bats In The House Can Be Dangerous

Most problems associated with bats in Sioux Falls are due to bat droppings and urine. A common disease that results from breathing in fungal spores created by fecal matter is histoplasmosis. This disease is much more common with moderate to severe infestations of these pests.

Another sickness that is common with bats is rabies. In fact, they are one of the primary spreaders of this virus locally. This is for a good reason. Bats are able to survive with rabies, whereas other creatures and humans cannot. This allows them to spread it amongst themselves, raising the chances of you coming in contact with one that is infected. Thankfully, there are humane bat control options to help you avoid these problems. 

Five No-Nonsense Bat-Proofing Tips

There are a lot of handy people who would have no problem preventing bats on their own. Are you one of them? If so, here are five no-nonsense bat exclusion tips and tricks to consider using today.

  1. Seal potential bat entry points around your home’s exterior, especially around your roofline.

  2. Make sure your exterior doors and windows have screens and are in good working condition.

  3. Install a bat-proof cap on your chimney.

  4. Fill in electrical and plumbing holes.

  5. Keep unscreened windows and doors closed if you are not using them.

Call in our team at CP Bat Mitigation if you are dealing with an active bat infestation inside your home or if you are looking for help preventing these pests. 

The Benefits Of Experienced Professional Bat Control

There is nothing easier in life than giving a friendly professional a call. Our team at CP Bat Mitigation is as friendly to humans as we are to bats.

If you want these pests out of your home, we are happy to help you out. By sealing entry points and installing a one-way gate, we will allow bats to leave your home and leave them no option but to stay away. Call CP Bat Mitigation to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control in Sioux Falls and find a treatment time that works for you.

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