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Reliable Bat Control For Commercial Properties: What Sioux Falls Business Owners Ought To Know

Large commercial office building.

You have a lot of to-dos as a Sioux Falls business owner – but you didn't think bat mitigation would be one of them. With so much to do and so little time, you want an effective, humane solution to an otherwise overwhelming problem.

That's why we wrote this handy guide: to help Sioux Falls business owners learn more about bat control. We cover all the ins and outs of effective prevention and maintenance so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. We also discuss why CP Bat Mitigation is the right team to handle commercial bat mitigation in South Dakota.

Now, here's how bat control in Sioux Falls works for business owners in any industry.

How Bats Behave In Commercial Spaces: Insights For Business Owners

One of the best ways to control bats in Sioux Falls is to understand what draws them to your business in the first place.

For starters, bats prefer to nest in dark, out-of-the-way places, which means large, quiet spaces offer everything they need to thrive. Large, empty spaces also allow bats to live in large colonies, which is far more conducive to their happiness than smaller residential buildings.

Bat infestations may be more common than you realize, especially here in Sioux Falls. Here's what happens when bat infestations are allowed to grow uninhibited.

Economic Consequences: How Bats Can Affect Your Business

Bats introduce many economic roadblocks to businesses, including physical, financial, and ethical challenges.

These include:

  • Nesting damages. Bats tend to leave large amounts of guano beneath roosting areas, which can lead to severe damage to roof tiles, drywall, and machinery.

  • Contamination concerns. Guano can also lead to the contamination of workspaces. It can also make stairs and hallways extremely slippery.

  • Ethical mitigation. Many bats are protected species and cannot be removed without the help of a professional.

  • Health inspections. The presence of bats can be disconcerting for employees, contractors, and customers and may cause you to fail health and safety inspections.

Bat control near you doesn't have to be complicated. With CP Bat Mitigation, you can get started with humane bat control with a single phone call.

Tailored Solutions: Professional Bat Control For Businesses

CP Bat Mitigation takes commercial bat mitigation very seriously. Once you call our team and outline your needs, we can conduct a thorough inspection of your property and make educated decisions.

From here, we check your business's outside spaces to identify harborage areas and access points. We also explore roosting areas and signs of bat activity.

Once we have a thorough understanding of what you're up against, we report our findings and implement bat mitigation efforts to humanely solve your ongoing bat problems. 

Ready to learn more about our commercial bat mitigation services in Sioux Falls? Contact CP Bat Mitigation today to get started with bat pest control.

Sustaining A Bat-Free Environment: Ongoing Maintenance Strategies

Every bat deserves a comfy place to rest – just not inside the building you use for your business. Given that infestations can interfere with daily operations, here are some ways to minimize your chances of dealing with bats around your business:

  • Seal your structures. Bats can exploit even the tiniest openings to get inside your building. Sealing cracks and gaps around your property can decrease your chances of bat infestations.

  • Seal plumbing and electrical outlets to prevent bats from scrambling inside.

  • Place screens on chimneys and exhaust vents so bats don't get into spaces they're not supposed to.

  • Ensure windows and doors close tightly to keep bat infestations at bay. You may want to replace your window screens with newer mesh to reduce your risks of infestation.

If you notice heightened bat activity even after these prevention steps, don't hesitate to contact CP Bat Mitigation for additional treatment solutions. Our bat control specialists offer a treatment guarantee. All you have to do is give us a call; our team can handle the rest.

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