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Bats In Sioux Falls Need Homes But Not Yours

Group of small dark bats huddled together in a shallow crevasse.

We do not hate bats. In fact, we rather enjoy these night-time creatures. With so many redeeming qualities, it is hard to imagine local pest control companies eliminating these lovable creatures. That said, bats do not belong inside your home, and there should be a way to get them out if they invade. We are here today to show you what proper bat control looks like and offer some solutions to get and keep these sometimes problematic creatures out of your house. Call CP Bat Mitigation now if you would like to talk to our team about our advanced service offerings. Let us find an option for pest control in Sioux Falls that will best handle your troubles.

Many Bat Species Are Endangered

You can eradicate many pests that plague local homeowners without affecting the species as a whole; this is not the case for bats. Many bat species around the globe are on the endangered list, and while this would not be as much of a problem for many of the pests that plague our world, in this case, these wonderful animals provide some big benefits to our ecosystem. They even directly benefit you without you knowing it. They do this by consuming mosquitoes and ticks. Every night, bats consume tons of these tiny, sometimes disease-ridden pests. For this reason, we do our best here at CP Bat Mitigation to avoid harming bats while getting them out of local homes. We will talk more in a bit about our bat control in Sioux Falls and discuss your options to help deal with the bats in your house.

It's Dangerous To Let Bats Live In Your House

As helpful as bats are, they are not beneficial when they live inside our homes. In fact, they are exactly the opposite. These flying pests can spread harmful disease-causing organisms through their fecal droppings. When they hang around your attic, they leave these droppings behind on the floor. Some common diseases you might contract from having these pests inside your home include rabies (from bites) and histoplasmosis. The best way to avoid these sicknesses is to make sure bats get and stay out of your house. Their eviction is best done with advanced wildlife pest control. Our team at CP Bat Mitigation is here and ready to help if you are dealing with bats in your home. 

Natural Ways To Prevent Bats Around Your Home

Before we discuss our professional humane bat control, we think you should have some tools in your arsenal to keep these pests out of your house. Here are five helpful natural ways to deter bats before they get indoors.

  1. Make sure all of your home's screens are in good shape.
  2. Install a cap on your chimney.
  3. Repair damage to your home's roofline.
  4. Seal electrical and plumbing holes around your home's exterior.
  5. Keep unscreened windows and doors shut when you are not using them.

If you already have bats inside your house, do not hesitate to contact our team about our wildlife control options.

Contact Us About Our Bat Mitigation Solutions

There is no better and more humane way to handle a bat infestation than to hire our team at CP Bat Mitigation. We are a local and dedicated provider specializing in the relocation of bats. We service homes by sealing all entry points the bats are using to get indoors, except for one. On this entry point, we install a one-way gate that allows bats to travel out safely but prevents them from getting back inside. Contact our CP Bat Mitigation team now and learn how to control bats in your home.

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