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Are Bats In Sioux Falls Dangerous?

Small brown bat hanging in a cave.

Bats are flying mammals historically portrayed in many forms of media and entertainment as spooky and dangerous creatures.  Belonging to the Chiroptera order, evidence indicates that bats have existed throughout most of recorded history in more than 900 different species. In this region, bats often live in residential settings and will enter homes, typically through openings along the upper areas of the structure.

Are you experiencing a home intrusion involving potentially harmful bats? These types of pest-related concerns are best suited for a properly licensed pest control expert. A Sioux Falls pest control company that provides professional bat removal services for residential customers will accurately assess the nature of the problem and choose a safe and effective resolution.

How Bats Present Health Hazards

Why should homeowners in Sioux Falls immediately seek assistance from a local bat exterminator? Seeking help from a qualified pest management professional is encouraged because bats may pose a possible health risk for you and your family. For example, as with most creatures, bats may become aggressive when cornered or threatened by property owners attempting to capture them.

Although incidents are uncommon, a bat could potentially bite or scratch someone and create significant health risks. Here, individuals are encouraged to seek medical attention.

Keep in mind that these pests may also introduce bat bugs to your home—insects that are similar to bed bugs. Local homeowners facing a bat intrusion should make the smart choice and contact a residential bat control expert for safe and effective remedies to these concerns.

Bat-Borne Diseases: What Sioux Falls Residents Need To Know

What are some of the most common types of bat-borne health risks? Bats are associated with rabies and histoplasmosis. Fortunately, the majority of bats aren’t infected with rabies, and related fatalities in the United States are few.

In addition to creating foul odors, bat waste, known as guano, also poses some health-related concerns. Bat droppings often contain fungal spores that may become airborne and enter your respiratory system and result in histoplasmosis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), histoplasmosis is often misdiagnosed, as the symptoms are sometimes very similar to pneumonia.

Aside from health risks, bats will contaminate surfaces and potentially create a need for repairs. After a bat control company removes these creatures from your home, they will assist with remediation efforts that help prevent future invasions.

Safety Measures Sioux Falls Residents Can Take Against Bats

What are some of the best options for property owners in Sioux Falls to understand regarding overall bat safety? Consider these precautionary tips:

  • Promptly address your roof if repairs or replacements are needed, as roofs are among the most common ways bats enter homes.

  • Regularly inspect the exterior walls of the structure for any openings, such as in the eaves, facia, or siding. 

  • Limit the use of bright outdoor lighting that usually attracts a variety of flying pests that bats prey upon.

  • Prevent standing water around your home, as they are potential breeding sites for mosquitoes, which attract bats.

These safety measures are viable options; however, those with an existing problem with bats should contact a professional provider of bat control in Sioux Falls. A local bat control professional is well-equipped to handle these pest problems safely. Also, repairs and bat exclusion methods may be necessary for restoring damage and preventing future intrusions by bats.

What To Do If Bats Are Already Inside Your Home

As the name of our local company indicates, CP Bat Mitigation employs a team of pros that deliver results for those in need of fast bat removal in Sioux Falls. For further details, contact our office today.

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