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What Is A Brown Bats Life Expectancy?

White-haired bat hanging from a light rocky surface.

Brown bats live approximately 6 to 7 years and often live well beyond ten years. Little brown bats are preyed on by a variety of animals, including small carnivores, birds, rats, and snakes. Many predators target bats when they are packed together in roosts. Martens and fishers will snatch young or hibernating individuals that have fallen to the ground. Brown bats are also hosts for various parasites such as fleas, bat bugs, and lice. Bats are killed by accidents more often than predators or parasites. They can get impaled on barbed wire and burdocks or drown in floods during hibernation. Pesticides can also kill them. However, DDT has little effect on bats. They also seem to have low levels of rabies.

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