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Best Places To See Bats Worldwide

Three brown bats hanging from tree branches during the day.

It’s a hard knock life for our little winged friends. They have a bad image with the public, and while some are afraid of them, they are not here to spread diseases or attack people.

At CP Bat Mitigation we are here to help with the stigmas that our mammal friends face and inform the public that these fluffy guys need to be protected. If you find yourself with visitors in your home we will remove them and return them to their rightful homes.

Our flying friend’s existence is threatened by loss of habitat and disease. Many caves within the eastern and central United States used to provide safety for millions of hibernating bats. Today these caves are filled with a cold-thriving fungus that causes White-Nose Syndrome.

This disease will cause bats to wake from their winter hibernation and fly around, waste their winter fat reserves, and starve. Awful, right? One of the best ways to protect them is to remove the stigma around them and embrace touring bat caves.

When you support the bats through tourism, you provide an economic incentive to the community to sustain their bat population. Bats play an essential role in our ecosystems; some of their ecological functions are to pollinate and disperse seeds as well as eat copious amounts of insects and other anthropods.

We urge you to go out and see these majestic creatures for yourself, just make sure to do so responsibly. Add bat cave exploration to your bucket list do some research with bat conservation organizations to find the most sustainable and responsible viewing sites. Here’s a few of the best places to see bats in the world. 

Bracken Cave, Texas

Bracken Cave is located in the Texas Hill Country, right outside San Antonio, and is the summer home to the world’s largest bat colony. Fifteen million Mexican free-tailed bats reside in the cave from March to October.

To protect the cave from the encroaching suburbs of San Antonio, Bat Conservation International (BCI) purchased the cave and 697 acres of surrounding land to preserve their natural habitat and ensure it would remain unaffected.

BCI holds events to allow visitors to witness the bats emerge (by the millions)  for their nightly insect hunt. You can book with BCI to view this spectacular sight from mid-May to mid-September.

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