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Common Myths About The Bats In Sioux Falls

Two brown bats hanging close together from a wooden ceiling.

Fiction books and movies have given bats a bad reputation they don't deserve. These stories have also contributed to many myths people believe about bats. Some of these misconceptions include bats being rodents, that all bat species drink blood, and that they are blind.

This article is here to bring bats into the light and dispel some of the most common myths surrounding them. Learn more about these animals with the pros at CP Bat Mitigation. We offer safe and humane bat pest control in Sioux Falls to get bats out of your house and back outside where they belong.

Myth: Bats Are Just Mice With Wings

Bats, with their hairy bodies, little faces, and big ears, may look like flying mice, but they are not rodents. They are more closely related to primates than mice and rats. Here are some differences between rodents and bats that can help clarify the distinction:

  • Rodents tend to have large litters multiple times a year, but most bats only give birth to one baby, called a "pup," each year. 
  • The lifespan of most species of bats is over 25 years, closer to that of primates than most rodents, which live one to two years.
  • Rodents have teeth that constantly grow and lack canine teeth, while bats have canines called fangs.
  • Rodents don't fly, and bats are the only mammals capable of actual flight.

The primary thing bats have in common with rodents is that they should never live inside your home. A health risk is associated with bats living in your house, and you should never attempt to touch or get them out alone. The safest way to deal with a bat in your home is to contact the bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation for assistance.

Myth: All Bats Drink Blood And Have Rabies

For some people, the mere mention of bats conjures images of vampires drinking blood and turning into bats, but this is far from the truth. Of the more than 1100 species of bats, only three feed on the blood of animals, and none of them live in the United States. 

The percentage of bats with rabies is also very small, and they are unlikely to bite unless threatened or trapped. But because there is some risk of rabies, you should never attempt to remove a bat alone because the virus can be spread just by handling an infected bat. The best way to deal with bats inside your house is to contact a bat control company in Sioux Falls, such as CP Bat Mitigation, who can safely and humanely mitigate them for you.

Myth: Bats Are Blind

Many people that have heard the phrase "blind as a bat" assume that bats don't see well at all, but this is another myth we can bust for you. Most bats have excellent sight, and some have better eyesight than people. 

Bats are nocturnal and use echolocation to find their prey and help them navigate in the darkness. One of the easiest ways to tell there is a bat in your house is to watch the exterior around dusk to see them flying away to hunt. If you suspect bats are roosting in your home, contact us at CP Bat Mitigation for assistance.

Fact: It's Best To Call The Experts When Dealing With Bats

The safest way to deal with bats in your house is to work with a company that offers bat mitigation. CP Bat Mitigation specializes in bats and can safely and humanely deal with them for you. Contact us today if you have any questions or to schedule an inspection.

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