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Who To Call About Bats In Your Omaha Home

Tiny brown bat hanging from a rock surface.

Bats aren't just for belfries and towers! These winged pests could just as easily make your home theirs – and hinder your life in the process. So if you discover bats in your Omaha home, will you know how to respond?

Bat pest control is no simple thing, but thankfully the pros at CP Bat Mitigation are here to help. Our team wrote this post as a straightforward guide to the dangers bats in your home can pose and why trying to get rid of them yourself can be just as risky. So keep reading to learn more, and always reach out to CP Bat Mitigation for the best pest control in Omaha for bats.

How To Identify A Bat

Bats are unique creatures that are hard to misidentify. Even if you only catch a glance of one in passing, you're not likely to mistake it for a bird or rat. So instead of focusing on how to spot a bat, here are some signs that will help you identify if a bat is in your home.

  • Strange clicking or chirping. Most bats communicate and even navigate by creating strange vocalizations. They sound like clicks or brief, high-pitched squeals. 
  • The sound of scratching. Bats have claws, but they aren't very prominent. You'll likely hear them scratching if they get stuck inside your walls. 
  • Oil stains. Bats protect themselves from rain by secreting oil through their fur. Unfortunately, this same oil discolors the surfaces it touches, starting as a light yellowish-brown and darkening over time. You can often find these stains near the entry points bats are using.

Of course, you could take the guesswork out of it and have our CP Bat Mitigation team investigate your property for bats. Our bat control specialists know all the signs to look for and perform thorough inspections every time. Once our inspection is complete, we'll craft a relocation plan for the bats in your home.

Why Bats Around Your Property Can Be Dangerous

Bats may not seem like the most threatening physical specimens, but that doesn't mean they don't pose a danger to you and your family. They still carry diseases that can spread to humans, including rabies. While cases are rare, just one interaction is all it takes to leave you infected.

Let the bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation handle your bat problem instead. We will safely relocate any bats away from your property without exposing you or your family to the risk of infection. Count on our 32 years of experience to protect your property!

You Shouldn't Try To Get Rid Of Bats On Your Own

You may have noticed the number of bat control products on the market and thought, "I can do this by myself." But effective bat control isn't about the products you use. Instead, you need extensive knowledge of bat behaviors to show them the door for good. 

Homeowners who tackle bat problems on their own tend to overlook some not-so-obvious hiding places simply because they don't know as much about bats as professionals. As the leading bat control company in Omaha, CP Bat Mitigation knows where to find bats in every home. We even provide follow-up inspections to ensure our work is complete.

Call The Bat Experts For Safe And Effective Bat Solutions

Bat infestations are more common in the Omaha area than most realize. They're also much more destructive than one would assume. If bats decide to make their home in your home, will you be ready to fight back?

The best way to control bats in Omaha is to rely on the experts at CP Bat Mitigation. Unlike other pest control companies, we are focused solely on bats, and with that focus comes unmatched expertise. So call us today, and together we'll develop a plan to oust bats from your life for good!

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