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What's Attracting Bats To My Omaha Home?

Group of small brown bats hanging upside down from wooden beams.

Omaha homeowners are no strangers to bats. Bats prefer warm, cozy places, and your home offers them everything they want and need to feel safe and happy. Bats are small and can exploit almost any opening in your home to gain access. Bats can bring many problems with them when they move in, and bad infestations can be challenging to eliminate. DIY techniques often fail, and infestations can persist while your frustration grows. Bat pest control can be challenging and complex, and no two cases of bad infestations are the same.

If you need to know how to control bats in your house, contact CP Bat Mitigation today. We know all about pest control in Omaha, including bats. Call us today, and let us be your bat control specialists.

Where Do Bats Go During The Day?

Bats are nocturnal and tend to hide during the daytime. They generally come out at night, following the habits of many of the insects that they prey upon. During the daytime, bats prefer to nest roost in warm and quiet places. In nature, they will often seek caves and dark crevices for this purpose. In urban environments, however, bats have many opportunities to find places they like. They are especially fond of attics and outbuildings. One of the problems with this is that it is particularly easy for bats to move in without being detected until the infestation has grown large.

The best way to control bats in Omaha is to call CP Bat Mitigation. We have decades of experience eliminating bat infestations and can help you with yours.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Bats Around My House?

Proper bat control near you is essential because bats can bring problems with them when they move in. Bats tend to soil everything below the places they roost with their droppings. These droppings can cause considerable damage to structures and equipment but can also spread diseases. Bats are associated with histoplasmosis and rabies, with histoplasmosis spreading through their droppings. Bat droppings are highly corrosive and can cause considerable damage to things like air conditioning systems. Bats can also bite if touched or if they feel threatened.

CP Bat Mitigation professionals specialize in bat prevention and control. Get in contact with us today if you have a bat problem. We know how to control bats in your house.

What's Attracting Bats To My Home?

The number one thing your home has to offer bats is a place to live. Bats sleep during the day when many things that hunt them are active. Because of this, bats like to nest in out-of-the-way places that are dark and quiet. Houses offer bats everything they need. Attics are often dark and quiet and have little movement or activity. Bats can safely roost there without concerns of being disturbed or harmed. Bats can get into your home, however, through openings and cracks. If bats explore your house and find an easy way in, they may decide to move in and stay.

CP Bat Mitigation is the bat control company in Omaha that you want to call when you have bat problems. Our trained, seasoned technicians have decades of experience, and we can help you with any bat problem. Get in touch with us today to see what CP Bat Mitigation can do for you.

What's The Most Effective Bat Mitigation Service For My Home?

Don't try to go it alone when dealing with bats. Bat infestations can be complex and difficult to resolve. DIY efforts can often fail and not only allow the infestation to persist but your frustration to grow. The longer bats are in your home, the more of a chance they have to damage it seriously. If you have a bat problem in your home, call CP Bat Mitigation. You will be glad you did.

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